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Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues
  In 1979, the classic best-seller Son-Rise was made into an award-winning NBC televisio..
Happiness Is A Choice
    Happiness Is A Choice represents the cutting edge of Barry Neil Kaufma..
Based on 22 reviews.
Power Dialogues
  Barry Neil Kaufman has written the most comprehensive guidebook to date on the Option ..
To Love Is To Be Happy With
This best-selling book details the practical and powerful Option Process and shows the reader how..
Giant Steps
  This book illustrates the powerful, life-changing Option Process® Dialogue in action. ..
No Regrets
  No Regrets: Last Chance for a Father and Son is the deeply moving and triumphant story..
Sacred Dying
  Sam Mullen and his family faced what every family has confronted or will confront even..
  After you've read this book, you'll think twice before you dismiss your next dream, hu..
Out-Smarting Your Karma
  The thinking person's book of humor and insight. Simple and thought-provoking sayings ..
The Son-Rise Program® Starter Kit
  The Starter Kit is a selection of outstanding resources designed to help you, your fam..
A Miracle To Believe In
The story of Barry Neil and Samahria Lyte Kaufman working with the family of an autistic child. T..