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Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues

Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues
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In 1979, the classic best-seller Son-Rise was made into an award-winning NBC television special, which has been viewed by 300 million people worldwide. Now, Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues presents an expanded and updated journal of Barry and Samahria Kaufman's successful effort to reach their once "unreachable" autistic child. Part one documents Raun Kaufman's astonishing development from a lifeless, autistic, retarded child into a highly verbal, lovable youngster with no traces of his former condition. Part two details Raun's extraordinary progress from the age of four into young adulthood. Part three shares moving accounts of five families that successfully used the Son-Rise Program to reach their own special children. An awe-inspiring reminder that love moves mountains. A must for any parent, teacher or student of personal growth.
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"The Kaufmans' work is inspiring, groundbreaking and visionary. It is the science of love, compassion and insight that will transform the world." -- Deepak Chopra - author, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
"If there were a Nobel Prize for Love, I'd want the Kaufmans to be the first to receive one." -- Dr. Wayne Dyer - author, Your Erroneous Zones
"Son-Rise moved me enormously...the Kaufmans dedication is extraordinary." -- Joanne Woodward - Actress/Humanitarian
"Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues is an inspiring book that we all can learn from." -- Bernie Seigel - M.D., author, Love, Medicine and Miracles
"God's grace abounds in the Kaufmans' work with families and children!!" -- The Rev. Elizabeth S. Gombach - M Div., Minister, United Methodist Church
"This book is love in action." -- John S. Weltner - M.D., Child Psychiatrist, Co-President, Society For Family Therapy & Research
"In a world where parents of special-needs children are constantly told they don't know what's best for their children and the "experts" favorite answer is to forcefully "modify" a child's behavior to appear normal, this book is a refreshing demonstration of the power of parental love and determination. When told by the recognized experts that their son, Raun, was hopelessly autistic and mentally retarded, uneducable and in need of institutionalization, the Kaufmans chose to look to their child as his own expert. Hours of open-minded observation, experimenting and lovingly joining Raun's actions, gave them a unique understanding of him and the key to reach into his strange world and ultimately inspire him to become a part of theirs. Raun's total recovery from a supposedly incurable disorder is a demonstration that the "experts" don't always know best and that scientific studies often fall short. This is a story about trusting yourself and a special-needs child, or anyone, to know what is best for themselves and using observation, respect and openness to find the best answers to meet any challenge. It's a story of really going for what you want, despite the established beliefs others insist on, and enjoying the process. I wish every parent, teacher, professional or person who has contact with children would read this book! -- Gaylen Tharp - Texas
"Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues" is one of the most inspiring and beautifully written books I have ever read. In fact, I have read it again and again, and each time I am moved and touched in new and wondrous ways. It is a story filled with love and joy and exploration and wonder. It is a story about real hope and the unending belief that everything is possible. Barry Neil Kaufman describes with great beauty and honesty the personal details of the journey he and his wife, Samahria, traveled with their once-autistic son. The love and passion and delight surrounding their journey spills forth from the pages. It is truly extraordinary. The totally loving, accepting, and non-judgmental attitude that they brought to their special son, and to themselves, seems so right and so clear. It is the kind of love everyone would want. And while the love and attitude are central, Mr. Kaufman also details how they made this love tangible and visible to their child, working with him every day in this very special way, making their love even more powerful through their actions. And it works. After reading this book, I was inspired to do a Son-Rise Program for my own special child, who has, as a result, completely transformed and blossomed into the beautiful child he is today. It has changed his life and my own. What an incredible gift! Whether you have a special child in your life, or you want a very special book, "Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues" will truly touch you and inspire you in wonderful ways. -- Kris Pegno - New York
"I read every book I could find on alternative treatments and therapies [for autism]. Nothing I read appealed to me. Then a family member gave me the book that would significantly alter our lives. Little did I know that when I read Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues, that my life, the lives of every member of my family and many in our community would be forever changed. As a person who was brought up in a rather open-minded home, the Kaufman’s precepts, teachings and beliefs at once made perfect sense. I knew when I finished the book that I would take my family to Option Institute to learn this process. I had hope once again.
"The most important thing that Barry Neil Kaufman has taught our family is to reach for the stars, believing whole-heartedly that you will touch them, while totally accepting it if you do not attain your goals. What we used to look upon as tragedies now are always viewed as opportunities for growth and happiness. Thank you Bears Kaufman for your beautiful words of wisdom, hope and love. -- Laura Shook - USA
"This book saved our lives. When my 2 year old son was diagnosed as autistic the entire medical profession turned their backs on him with terms such as "hopeless" or "we've never seen this before". My wife was fortunate enough to be handed this book by one of our son's occupational therapists and after reading it, she handed it over to a world class With each line my eyes opened to a new world where I started to see opportunity instead of tragedy, acceptance instead of repulsion and hope where there was once was no where to turn. The secret of this book is not in it's method of guiding special children, but in it's effect on the parents of that special child. When you are finished, you truly understand how "special" your child is and how with each new challenge, new wonderful doors open in your life. This book is essential for any parent dealing with the issues of raising a special child no matter what philosophy is being used in the child's development. If you are also fortunate enough to incorporate the teachings of the book into your child's program, you will see truly miraculous results. Don't pass this one up!!!!" -- Scott Sanes - Texas
"Son-rise the miracle continues gave me hope. All hope was drained away from me when we were given the diagnosis of ASD. As a result of reading this book we took our son to the Autism Treatment Center of America. 
This treatment changed our lives forever. Ewan went from a boy who spoke on 2/3 word sentences to now where you can have a wonderful conversation. He is in mainstream education and doing well. This is beyond my wildest dreams. 
Give yourself an opportunity of a win/win situation.If you read the book you may decide this is the program for you. A winning situation. You may decide you don't like what you read. Again you win because you discovered something you don't want." -- Mrs. Denise A. Parsons  (london, UK)
"A fantastic and deeply moving book. The Kaufmans‘ capacity for loving gives me hope in a heartbreaking time when so many people seem to have turned their backs on children." -- Eda J. LeShan, Columnist/Author/Child Psychotherapist
"Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues" (by Barry Neil Kaufman) is brilliant, heartfelt, poignant. As a physician working with the developmentally disabled, I urge educators and health-care providers to applaud and incorporate the Kaufmans' methods." 
--Patricia Weber, M.D., Fircrest Rehabilitation Center, Seattle

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