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Happiness Is A Choice

Happiness Is A Choice
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“Barry very explicitly reveals the options and choices we can all make to find the road to happiness.”

-Bernie Siegel, M.D., Author of Love, Medicine and Miracles

"We are all players in the game of life...and this book shows how to be a winner. Barry Neil Kaufman's champions making the choice to believe in ourselves, to have a positive attitude, to be hopeful and to seize the power of loving ourselves and others."

- Lou Holtz, Head Football Coach, University of Notre Dame

Happiness Is A Choice represents the cutting edge of Barry Neil Kaufman's evolving teaching, focusing on empowering our moment of change.

The moment in which we can make self-acceptance, inner peace, joy and love immediately tangible with these easy-to-use tools. This book takes us step by step on a journey to increase personal power.

Barry Neil Kaufman has used the key traits of happy people to create six Shortcuts To Happiness that you can begin using immediately to heal troubled relationships, to revitalize stagnant careers, to deal with sickness or stress or to infuse new vigor into your life. It will change your life. A book to cherish and to share...a book that will ignite the healing process.

"Not only a wise book, but a liberating one.“

- Harold S. Kushner, Author, When Bad Things Happen to Good People

"Barry Neil Kaufman has written a moving exploration of the healing power of compassion and caring. Happiness Is A Choice affirms the unlimited potential of the human spirit and offers hope to those who have been challenged by adversity."

- Coretta Scott King, CEO of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change.

"For those who sincerely want to follow the supreme law of love, Barry Kaufman's book provides an unexpected blueprint to selfless living."

- Father John Catoir, Director, The Christophers

"A superb book written with the greatest of compassion and sensitivity."

- Gerald Jampolsky, M.D., Author of Love Is Letting Go Of Fear

"This book really delivers! A not-to-be-missed resource and guide for anyone who wants a happier life."

- Ken Dychtwald, Ph. D., Author of Bodymind

"Within these pages Kaufman unfolds a precious secret for attaining happiness and leading a more meaningful, joyful life...A wonderfully wise, warm and insightful book that is sure to reward those who read it with a richer, more balanced life."

- Jesse Stoff, M.D., Author of The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

“I have read many books dealing with self-discovery, but your book by far has had the most impact on me. I am quite literally making it my emotional health bible.”

-Judy Wicklander, Minnesota

“Since the day I read Happiness Is A Choice, my life has never been the same. Never have I felt such compassion, hope and inspiration for humanity. I am deeply and profoundly moved.”

-David Crack, Canada

“The title says it all. This book communicates volumes of information - all of it constructive. It is a reminder that we all control our own destiny. It is a hopeful, positive message with suggestions and lots of case histories of people who have put this philosophy into action and how they did it. Everyone can benefit from reading this book. I have read it numerous times. It is timeless.”

-Steve Munroe, California

“Bless your heart!! What a joy to wake up this morning without misery for a change. Thanks to Happiness Is A Choice I was able to do that. I’m so grateful for you and the simple principles of your book.”

-Francine Harper, West Virginia

“I'm an expert in happiness. My web site on the subject draws 7 to 15 thousand hits a day because it's all about happiness. I tell them this: Buy Happiness is a Choice. Don't read it at first. Just turn straight to the chapter called ‘Shortcuts.’ There are six shortcuts. Practice one shortcut a week for six weeks. When you have done that the quality of every day of your life that follows will surpass the happiness you've experienced prior to following this recipe. You'll never be able to be as unhappy as you have been and you'll never be able to be unhappy as long as you have been in the past. Every day will be happier.”

-Lollie Mclain, Oklahoma

“I love this book and keep copies with me to give to people. I recently gave a young woman a copy that was my flight attendant. She approached me and said that I just seemed so happy that she had to ask me why. I was on my way home from a weeklong program at the Option Institute®. I am asked the question quite a bit these days. Usually about my optimism, or my energy, but the bottom line is that I have learned through the books and teaching of the Kaufmans to truly choose happiness and live it. This book was my first step into the fabulous life I now live. I have seen so many people transform their lives with the tools available to everyone who wants to live a life of love and happiness. Take the first step, read this book.”

-Barbara Nicholls, California