Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues

  • Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues

Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues presents an expanded and updated journal of Barry and Samahria Kaufman's successful effort to reach their once "unreachable“ child with severe autism. Part one documents Raun Kaufman's astonishing development from a lifeless, autistic, retarded child into a highly verbal, lovable youngster with no traces of his former condition. Part two details Raun's extraordinary progress from the age of four into young adulthood. Part three shares moving accounts of five families that successfully used The Son-Rise Program® to reach their own special children. An awe-inspiring reminder that love moves mountains. A must for any parent with a child with autism, teachers, special education specialists, helping professionals, and any student of personal development.

  • "“An inspiring book that we all can learn from. It is not only a book for all parents to read, but all of us can use it as guide for dealing with adversity. If you are open to changing attitudes, accepting challenges, and being inspired, read it.”
    —Bernie Siegel, M.D., Author, Love, Medicine and Miracles
  • “Once in a century a story of such daring and devotion sparks the human spirit. No words could describe my awe while reading Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues. The Kaufmans' astounding success in curing their son and helping other families to do the same will inspire us all. If there were a Nobel Prize for Love, I'd want the Kaufmans to be first to receive one.”
    —Dr. Wayne Dyer, Author, Your Erroneous Zones
  • “An inspiring and hopeful book. To see this hopeless youngster gradually respond to the Kaufmans' total investment of themselves in awe-inspiring. The book is beautifully written. I found it so fascinating I devoured it all in one evening. It is quite a contribution.”
    — Dr. Carl Rogers, Renowned Psychologist
  • “As a professor is the field of Psychology I believe that Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues is a mandate for all professionals in helping fields, medical and educational, to change NOW how we help and teach, and to bask in the joy of our own miracles. I look forward to making this book required reading. I cannot imagine a single text that will make such a difference in my students' own learning”
    —Liz Dickinson, Ph.D Professor of Psychology, U.S.A.
  • “Reading Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues has been a profoundly moving experience. It details with clarity the triumph of love over autism in a way that is both convincing and reproducible. As a psychiatrist, I am embarrassed to still hear "experts" in my field describe autism as untreatable and to find that they are unaware of the miracle that the Kaufmans have created. This book is love in action.”
    —John S. Weltner, M.D., Child Psychiatrist, Co-President, Society for Family Therapy & Research
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