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No Risk/No Fault Parenting: Giving the Best and Getting the Most with Your Children

No Risk/No Fault Parenting: Giving the Best and Getting the Most with Your Children
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This landmark presentation on parenting presents a new vision that enables parents to approach the child rearing experience with ease, comfort and clarity. So many people know the type of parents they don't want to be...but have little guidance in helping them become the parents they do want to be.
Barry and Samahria Kaufman's effective and often miraculous way of reaching out with love and acceptance, in a host of parenting applications, is world renowned. They have helped thousands of families discover a sense of love, caring, communication and appreciation. They help take the confusion out of child rearing by establishing an understandable and workable foundation for parenting.
Mixing insights with actual stories, Bears presents compelling and useful alternatives, demonstrating that parenting provides us with magnificent opportunities to find trust in ourselves and delight in our children.
"Thanks so very much for your freeing approach to parenting. The CDs have helped me transform the situations (with my children) that used to 'drive me crazy' into actual opportunities to learn and to enjoy my children and myself. As a result, our lives now feel so much easier, so much more comfortable." -- Mary Stevenson, Pennsylvania
"Your insights have helped me to 'lighten up' about parenting. The 2 CD series is illuminating, freeing, empowering. Thanks so much!" -- Jack Friedman, Ohio

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