A Sacred Dying

  • A Sacred Dying

Sam Millen and his family faced what every family has confronted or will confront eventually. Mom was dying and no one, least of all Sam, was prepared. Yet with the help of author Barry Neil Kaufman's mentoring, guidance and friendship, Sam learns to accept and then embrace what is happening…ultimately teaching his entire family how to go beyond the pain and discover new insights, joy, and even laughter. A Sacred Dying is the story of people who find a new and special way to celebrate life in the face of death. This book is an inspirational and model all of us can use when confronting similar challenges.

  • “In 'A Sacred Dying', the author's use of story easily bypasses intellectual defensiveness and engages reflective awareness of dying on the level of soul. The transformative nature of this book bridges the gap between human and divine qualities only truth can reveal. I highly recommend this book to anyone experiencing loss. It sensitively weaves the therapeutic process of grief and family dynamics with a myriad of emotions enabling the reader to easily embrace the deeper aspects of relationships that never die.”
    —Samuel O., author of What The Dying Teach Us: Lessons On Living
  • “A man of unique sensitivities and perspective. There is much we can all learn from him regarding transforming darkness into light.”
    —Ken D., Ph.D, Author, Bodymind
  • “This is a well-written story about a real family with real feelings in a situation that is more reality than they were ready to bear. Are we ever ready for the illness and death of a loved one? Never. What makes this one of the best "stories" I've ever read is that the courage and gentle persistence [born out of love] of one member of that real family brings the whole family, including the person who is ill, into integration and authenticity, making everyone's journey memorable and more than bearable. I am a life coach and benefitted immensely from seeing The Option Process® in action. I am a believer.”
    —R.C.S, U.S.A.
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