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PowerDialogues is the most readable, useful, and comprehensive guidebook to date on the Option Process® Dialogue. As a landmark book for thousands of people around the world, it offers a unique, simple, and effective tool for personal growth. It is now being used, as well, by helping professionals as a cutting-edge adjunct to many educational, therapeutic, and spiritual traditions.

Additionally, the Option Institute International Learning & Training Center uses PowerDialogues as the primary text in its Mentor Certification Programs. This book is a must read for those who want to learn how to take charge of their own destiny and master a sense of self-trust, inner ease and clarity that is built on a platform of respect, dignity, and love.

  • “For over ten years, I have been in the business of helping diverse people work together to solve complex issues. I found one of the most powerful techniques to use in erasing barriers between people: Barry Neil Kaufman's PowerDialogues. At a time of crisis in my own life, I learned The Option Process® Dialogue. Not only did it help me to transform myself, but I also now teach it in my own work. As a result, the groups that I work with are more productive, more successful than ever before, and serve as role models within their organizations! This process has been critical to their success!”
    —Michael Rubell, President and Senior Consultant, TeamWorks International, U.S.A.
  • “PowerDialogues has profoundly transformed the way I work as psychiatrist. Using The Option Process® Dialogue, I have seen people change rapidly and painlessly, without the need for years of therapy. I am deeply grateful to Mr. Kaufman for making this powerful and effective method available to everyone!”
    —Philip N. L., M.D., Psychiatrist, U.S.A.
  • “My professional life has greatly benefited as a result of the Option Process and the Option Process® Dialogue (PowerDialogues by Barry Neil Kaufman.) As an emergency room physician and regional EMS director, I am in a leadership position. Whenever I can, I share the Option Process® techniques and attitude with my colleagues. Because of PowerDialogues, I know I can choose to be calm and respectful no matter what is happening around me. So really, the Option Process® has helped me not only to be a better doctor, it's shown me how to be a more loving human being.”
    —Geoff Miller, M.D., Emergency Room Physician, Regional EMS Director, U.S.A.
  • “PowerDialogues is a wonderful gift from Barry Neil Kaufman! This process has provided me with a way of living my faith in relation to my family, my parishioner and myself. I encourage everyone, including my clergy colleagues, to open your hearts to the gift that awaits you here.”
    —Kathleen Panning, M. Div. Lutheran Minister, South Carolina
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