To Love Is To Be Happy With

  • To Love Is To Be Happy With

This best-selling book, which details the principles and applications of The Option Process®, has become an indispensable personal manual for hundreds of thousands of people who want a more loving and life-affirming basis by which to guide their lives. It has also become a teaching text, along with Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues and A Miracle to Believe In, in over 250 universities.

Do you want to be happier?

Are you afraid of being hurt in relationships?

Are you aware of fearing sickness, of wanting to be healthy?

Are you desperate for more money?

Do you say yes to sex when you mean no -- or the reverse?

If you answered yes to any of the above, it's time to consider your options. The Option Process, based on the premise that to love is to be happy with, is an extraordinary new way to discard self-defeating beliefs, to clarify doubts that have for years inhibited your personal and professional success.

  • “I feel I know both you and your wife through your wonderful books and tapes. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed them and followed with amazement and joy your triumphs over such overwhelming odds. Your Option Process® has also helped me tremendously in my daily life. Just reading "To Love Is To Be Happy With" opened my eyes to so many possibilities. I will be forever grateful.”
    —Linda B., U.S.A.
  • “For me, the joy of Bears' teaching has been its simplicity. I'm reading "To Love Is To Be Happy With" for the fourth time. It's amazing that each time I pick it up, I feel more at peace just reading a few pages.”
    —Gwen G., U.S.A.
  • “This book is describing mindfulness and acceptance with what one has. The author speaks from real experience, having gone through some difficult life challenges, and choosing to respond with empathy, compassion, emotional attunement, and a spiritual solution. Ultimately, these are all the ingredients of happiness, and coupled with remaining present, may significantly contribute to one's happiness. Of course, happiness can also be blocked by various other issues, such as previous unresolved trauma, one's personality, social factors, etc. However, like this author, I do believe that if we do "our part" in seeking and maintaining our own happiness, things may fall into place in their own time.”
    —Rivka E.
  • “Kaufman explains in clear and simple language how we come to acquire beliefs that can undermine our happiness and effectiveness. Remarkably, these beliefs were taught and adopted with the best of intentions, to protect and guide us. When we lack the necessary awareness, though, we can not see the harm these beliefs do in our lives. Kaufman introduces a set of attitudes to consider along with a simple system of inquiry which he calls the Option Process. He presents many actual dialogues he has had using the Option Process with a variety of individuals beset by a wide range of serious challenges. The dialogues are a powerful way of identifying beliefs which do not serve us, or upon conscious examination, do not seem to make sense. In reading through these dialogues, I was amazed at how quickly many of these individuals were able to emerge from their stuck states, let go of beliefs that did not serve them, and move on to more constructive perspectives and actions. While participants no doubt benefited from Kaufman's questions, the process can also be practiced on one's own. Even though this book was written a number of years ago (1977), it in no way comes across as dated. In a number of respects, it reminds me of the process subsequently and independently developed by Byron Katie known as the Work. For this reader, though, the Option Process is much more accessible and straightforward.”
    —David W.
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