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Out-Smarting Your Karma

Out-Smarting Your Karma
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"We recently invested in 2,000 copies of Out-Smarting Your Karma for all of the executives, directors, managers and supervisors at Southwest Airlines. I plan to share the book with them because it has great food for thought and it positively reinforces some of our core values and philosophies."

-Colleen Barrett - Executive Vice-President, Southwest Airlines

The thinking person's book of humor and insight. Simple and thought-provoking sayings to touch the heart and inspire the spirit. A great read--anytime, anyplace! For holidays, for birthdays, for your night table or your coffee table--an enchanting companion that you'll read over and over again.

"The book is replete with sayings which not only help stressed out people over the rough spots in the road, but allows them to smile and poke fun at themselves in the process."

-R.H. Esau, Jr. - Vice President, Human Resources, The Turner Corporation

"The visionary little book of quick insights cut through mental clutter and reframes outlooks on life's options. Don't pass this one up!"

-Branches Reviews

"Out-Smarting Your Karma is a book full of ideas designed to motivate people to rise about challenging circumstances. It offers clever, inspirational words to encourage us to turn undesirable situations or feelings into opportunities to empower ourselves. The thoughts are short and simple, yet powerful."

-The Light Connection

"Nuggets of wisdom with the power to lead you home. An array of thoughts designed to turn reality on its head, provocative one-liners brimming with the power of transformation.”

-Linda Weltner, columnist for the Boston Globe

"The title grabbed me. The contents held me. The concepts changed my life."

- Jeannette E. Thomas, radio host