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"Beautifully written, the scenes are lovingly created and wonderful to crawl into. Kaufman's words form amazing little space capsules, wherein one can wander, and it’s a long and winding road I'll gladly travel."

- Inner Journeys Magazine

“Inspired by events in author Barry Neil Kaufman's life, FutureSight is an engaging story about a man whose life is changed by a chance encounter with a mysterious stranger. An internationally renowned author of nine other self-help books, he draws on his experience of using love and intuition to tell the story of a man who uses his growing psychic awareness to save his family. FutureSight is a book that will leave readers wondering if it really is possible to develop such intense psychic ability and to be able to apply it to their lives.”

- From Independent Publisher

After you've read this book, you'll think twice before you dismiss your next dream, hunch or premonition.

Peter and Jamie had everything -- a loving marriage, a beautiful baby, and a successful business. Then, suddenly, with life at its fullest, Peter is haunted by a frightening premonition -- the sense of a violent tragedy awaiting his young family. With growing surprise, he discovers that his own unspoken fears match his wife's recurring nightmare. Caught in the shadow of their "FutureSight," the only lifeline for Peter and Jamie is the whispering voice from within.

FutureSight is an astonishing story filled with more real truth in it than you will find in many non-fiction books. As you read the insights in this book, they will ring true for you deep within your soul and you will know that what the author shares with you in this book is the truth even though it is written as a work of fiction. I can tell you from firsthand experience that it is possible to develop your psychic abilities to such a degree that the knowledge that comes your way from developing these abilities will make life easier for you than you ever imagined possible.”

-Frederick Zappone, Pennsylvania