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Autism Breakthrough: The Groundbreaking Method That Has Helped Families All over the World (AUDIO BOOK)
AUTISM BREAKTHROUGH The Groundbreaking Method That Has Helped Families All over the World 7 Audio CD’s By Raun K. Kaufman Narrated by R..
Happiness GPS™ CD (Digital Download)
Want to raise your Happiness I.Q.™? In this lively lecture, Raun K. Kaufman shows you how, as he clearly and incisively explains the following concepts: - th..
Optimal Self-Trust - Make Choices with Absolute Confidence 1 CD
Having trouble making decisions? Does each option seem to have only negative outcomes? Do you constantly ask yourself "am I making a mistake?" Your inner voice c..
PowerDialogues - The Unlimited Power of A Question 1 CD
This CD is the perfect introduction to the concepts behind and the concrete tools of PowerDialogues, the ultimate system for personal change. Through the example..
The Keys to Option Mentoring: Accessing the Accepting Helper Inside
  A "must have" CD series for those wanting insight into the guidelines, training process and intention of the Option Dialogue®. This series is an inval..
Fearless - Become A Hero In Everyday Life 2 CD
Fear is the greatest single obstacle to living a happy, loving life full of freedom and fun. It saps our ability to make decisions, move forward, or reach for th..
Exceptional Woman - You ... Without Apology 1 CD
Being exceptional has never been easier--or more exciting! The four lectures on this CD, delivered by Exceptional Woman teachers, provide core perspective on how..
Never Settle Singles - A Radical Solution for Singles 1 CD
You want to find the relationship of your dreams, but sometimes the world of a single person feels more like a nightmare, fraught with game-playing, inauthentici..
Calm Amid Chaos - An Unshakable Foundation for a Turbulent World 2 CD
  From losing your job, to a friend diagnosed with cancer, to the collapse of the housing market, to earthquakes in Asia, to a bombing in Barcelona - th..
Empower Yourself - Going For (and Getting) What You Want 2 CD
  Author, mentor and group facilitator Barry (Bears) Neil Kaufman leads participants through a moving, interactive adventure on the road to personal emp..
Radical Authenticity - Never Hide Again 3 CD
Living a life of constantly creating an image of yourself in order to fulfill others' expectations of you not only takes a tremendous amount of energy, it also c..
Couples Course - Rev Up Your Relationship 3 CD
Whether your relationship is facing challenges and you want to get it back to where it once was or it's already good and you want to make it great, this 3 CD set..
The Option Process 12-CD Lecture Series
      The definitive 12-CD series of lectures by Barry Neil Kaufman, recorded live during training intensives at The Option Institute ..
Autism Can Be Cured
An attitudinal method for loving children back to life. Case studies and effective alternatives. ..
Special Children / Special Solutions: A Journey of Love with Samahria Lyte Kaufman
  This special audio series presents concrete, down-to-earth, no-nonsense alternatives which ooze love and acceptance for the special child while being ..