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Body Vital/Stress-Free Living

Body Vital/Stress-Free Living
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This audio series is a must for anyone wanting to say "no more" to tension, burnout, stress and fatigue and wanting to say "yes" to a more vital living experience.
Barry Neil Kaufman (Bears) digs through the confusion of recent research and synthesizes the notion of creating within ourselves The Body Vital (an energetic, vitally alive mind-body experience). He illustrates that we do not have to feel like aliens inhabiting our bodies, but we can take the role of initiator and creator of our physical adventures. He explores the amazing impact that changing our beliefs can have on our Body Vital and presents suggestions for using attitude in achieving optimal health.
In Stress-Free, Bears tackles the phenomenon of stress and comes to a most unexpected conclusion. His concept of distress as a form of unhappiness talking to us through our bodies allows us to rethink and, ultimately, make a stress-free experience out of one that previously might have been a source of discomfort. Guidance is given on implementing a stress-free living strategy.
"Listening to Body Vital/Stress-Free Living is an opportunity of a lifetime...learning how a happy body is a healthy body. Incredibly comprehensive and useful." -- Brian Blunkett - Attorney, Massachusetts
"I've read books and taken college level courses and workshops on stress management, but all I learned was academic and only had short-term effects. Body Vital/Stress-Free Living enabled me to design concrete, active techniques to recreate my physiology and transform my attitude, turning my previously stressful experiences into ones of useful energy, joy and wonderment!" -- Susan Abrams, Louisiana