The Option Process

  • The Option Process

The definitive 12 part series of lectures by Barry Neil Kaufman, recorded live during training intensives at the Option Institute® has become a best-selling classic. For each area of discussion there is a comprehensive approach to uncovering beliefs which create unhappiness, helping you move toward a more loving, nonjudgmental attitude and lighting the path to new discoveries and new possibilities.

1. The Gift Of A Question: Becoming Our Own Expert. Learning to use questions as a powerful tool for self-discovery and personal transformation.

2. Beliefs: The Freedom To Choose. Take the mystery out of behaviors and feelings by understanding how and why we choose our beliefs. Choice as a factor for real and lasting change. A key Option Process® tape.

3. The Option Process: The Nature Of The Dialogue Process. An amazing and gentle tool to bring our choices into clear focus and to make changes right now. A complete presentation of the dialogue questions and the underlying attitude that makes them work so effectively.

4. Love Relationships: Coming Together in Acceptance Without Judgments. Learn to create vital, secure and supportive relationships with the people you love. How to recognize pitfalls and problems...and how to dissolve them.

5. Children: The Way It Is/The Way It Could Be. How to make sense out of our own childhood and the children in our lives.

6. The Role of the Therapeutic Relationship: The Freedom to Be Happy. How to honor the dignity of each person and nurture their inner well as our own.

7. Health and Psychosomatic Illness: The Mind As A Guide toward Well-Being. Break the disease/distrust pattern and learning attitudinal keys to healing.

8. Trust: Moving In Harmony With Our Inner Knowing. Go beyond the evidence and find a deeper resource to guide us.

9. Guilt: Living Life Without It. Discover and drop the underlying beliefs that fuel it.

10. Sexuality: Challenging The Myths/Releasing The Judgments. Take the mystery out of the taboos, “shoulds” and expectations...and find a new basis of comfort and confidence in sexual expression.

11. Money: Abundance Begins With Trust. Change our financial reality by changing our beliefs.

12. Psychic Experience: An Adventure In Intuition. Make our hunches and insights useful. Going beyond fear and superstition and making a difference in someone's life (including our own).

  • “I've listened to your lectures as I drive to work for over two years now. Nothing I've found has ever come close to the clarity, peacefulness and joy I've experienced through your Teachings.”
    —Harriet W., U.S.A.
  • “What a treasure those tapes are to me! Each time that I play or replay one, I feel those inner doors open to quiet, knowing parts of myself. More of 'who I am' and 'what I want' becomes accessible, and that openness to myself and others seem to permeate throughout my days.”
    —Barbara S., U.S.A.
  • “I have used the Option Process to substantially make-over myself and my life. I have an autistic child and this philosophy is the foundational thinking behind the Option Institute's other brilliant program, the Son-Rise Program, which I'm using to recover my daughter successfully from autism (she's about ¾ of the way "out", and presents as and feels more normal than autistic). This a great listen when driving, and deserves the repeat listen to really absorb the immediately applicable wisdom in it.”
    —Barbara R Fernandez
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