Special Children / Special Solutions: A Journey of Love with Samahria Lyte Kaufman

  • Special Children / Special Solutions: A Journey of Love with Samahria Lyte Kaufman

This special audio series presents concrete, down-to-earth, no-nonsense alternatives which ooze love and acceptance for the special child while being wholly supportive and embracing of those parents, professionals and "helpers" who want to reach out.

More than just a powerful champion of hope, Samahria Lyte Kaufman loves "special children" with a passion, delight and genuine respect that infuse her teaching with an inspiration that has touched and helped children worldwide.

Now, for the first time, she shares her unique insights, the gift of an accepting attitude and concrete applications for reaching out and effectively helping children who face a host of difficulties (from autism to cerebral palsy, from developmental disabilities to seizures, from communication and learning disorders to retardation).

First, with her husband, Samahria designed and implemented a successful home-based program which enabled her once severely autistic son to be reborn into a vivacious, extroverted, straight "A" honor student who recently graduated from a prestigious Ivy League university and bears no traces of his original difficulties. Then she and her husband reached out to help other children facing what seemed to be insurmountable situations. Again and again, she demonstrated the powerful impact of loving and "going with" children rather than against them.

The accepting (nonjudgmental) attitude which was the basis of all her work became the foundation for the very seasoned, nurturing and facilitating teaching process that has encouraged and helped parents, children, professionals, therapists, teachers and students accomplish so much more than most would have believed possible.

A sampling of questions raised and answered:
-How does your program differ from others...and why do some view it as controversial?
-Can you give us an overview of your work with your son and tell us how he is doing today?
-Why do you see parents as such an essential resource?
-Do you believe if a child s brain or nervous system is damaged that something still can be done?
-What about parents' burnout and the special child?
-What about the question of false hope?
-Does your approach apply to all different kinds of special children?
-Would your program also benefit so-called "normal" children?
-Why do some children become self-abusive?
-You've adopted children who have had problems...could you tell us about them?
-Who determines the content of a program - do we as parents and teachers or does the child?

  • “I was awed at how very useful it continues to be for me as a Son-Rise Program dad. At each listening, I "get" something new - because I am changing, I am new. Please share with Samahria my gratitude for you both - for lighting the way and shining it as bright as you can!♥”
    —David B.
  • “Words could not express the depth of my gratitude. Samahria inspired me to hope when others told me to turn away; she taught me not only how to love my special child, but to help her...and, wow, we see significant changes already. Our family is alive again. Smiles, laughter and hugs fill our home.”
    —Don B., U.S.A.
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