Fearless - Boundless Courage In Everyday Life

  • Fearless - Boundless Courage In Everyday Life

In this introduction to the Fearless program, taught at the Option Institute®, you'll acquire tools and techniques that will not only let you stand courageous in the face of fear, but instead, will let you completely eliminate fear. You've heard about irrational fear - you'll learn how all fears are actually rational and therefore understandable. By understanding the rationale behind your fears, you can identify the beliefs that fuel them. Change these beliefs, and you banish the fears and phobias they produce. Gaining freedom from fear and creating the courage to shape our lives in whatever way we choose is the heart of this program. Once we understand the reasons for our fear-based behavior (how it works, why we choose it), we can clear the roadblocks and become much more powerful and fearless in how we live our life.

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