Exceptional Woman - You ... Without Apology

  • Exceptional Woman - You ... Without Apology

Being exceptional has never been easier – or more exciting! The four lectures on this CD, delivered by Exceptional Woman teachers, provide core perspectives on how to live an extraordinary life as a woman.

Samahria Lyte Kaufman: Making ourselves #1 without apology or regret – and benefiting others through our personal power.

Leah Taylor Roy: Creating a beneficial framework from which to view ourselves and the world. Trading self-deprecating beliefs for self-enhancing beliefs.

Beverly Haberman: Taking ownership – replacing the victim filter with the power filter. Choosing to take responsibility for our thoughts and feelings never felt so good!

Bryn Hogan: Going from playing the "who to blame/who's wrong game" to the "who's good" alternative. Building self-worth.

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