Empower Yourself - Going For (and Getting) What You Want

  • Empower Yourself - Going For (and Getting) What You Want

Author, mentor and seminar group facilitator Barry (Bears) Neil Kaufman leads students and participants through a moving, interactive adventure on the road to personal empowerment. Bears presents a dynamic introductory lecture on the nature of personal empowerment, using examples such as Dr. Seuss, Henry Ford, Michael Jordan, Steve Jobs, Einstein, and others to demonstrate choices we can make to live extraordinary lives. From the counter-culture guidance to live unrealistically to the six key principals of an empowered person, Barry Neil Kaufman outlines beliefs to adopt and steps to take which would enable any one of us to live an empowered life. He presents the three core disempowering beliefs that disable us and the three core empowering beliefs that will enable us.

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