Radical Authenticity - Never Hide Again

  • Radical Authenticity - Never Hide Again

Living authentically may just be the easiest way to travel. These recordings will help you to understand and embrace a lifestyle in which you show up as yourself and leave the self-censorship behind, No more "stuffing it". No more being what other people want you to be. Experience and express the real you and learn to be boldly comfortable just as you are.

Learn the benefits of authenticity and the liabilities of inauthenticity, but presents easy-to-digest principals that will enable you to expand your honesty comfort zone. Jump boldly into the center of a group of seminar participants who begin to challenge the traditional boundaries people put up between themselves and others. Join a group of folks, just like you, who now seize the opportunity to be really authentic with each other. Their willingness to break old molds, challenge their fears and share openly will not only be an inspiration but a path that you too can follow. Author/Teacher/Group Facilitator Barry Neil Kaufman orchestrates boundary-breaking dynamics that allows participants and will allow you to listen and learn from examples of participants who challenge their limits and expand their zones of comfort.

Contains mature content.

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