Couples Course - Rev Up Your Relationship

  • Couples Course - Rev Up Your Relationship
Learn about building and sustaining a loving and nurturing relationship no matter what the current challenges are. What are the myths of love? What are the realities?

-The 7 Core Components for designing a happy and mutually-supportive relationship.

-How to go for and get what you want in your relationships.

-The 8 Principals of Happy Negotiations: A presentation of clear attitudinal and action steps to negotiate with your partner to enable successful solutions.

In part two, you’ll hear couples participate in group dynamics to explore real-life viewpoints and gender-related beliefs (beliefs held by women, beliefs held by men) that profoundly impact and often create limits in developing more accepting, understanding and supportive relationships. Breaking down barriers and getting to understand each other becomes the focal points explored and taught. Finally, you’ll learn from master teachers who themselves, over more than four decades, transformed their own relationship from one that began with great turmoil and painful challenges to one characterized by love, passion, respect, authentic communication and sustained friendship - using the learnings and application of The Option Process ® (as taught at the Option Institute and written in their books). During this question and answer session, Barry Neil Kaufman and Samahria talk frankly about the nitty-gritty struggles and delights in relationships and give guidance on perspectives and actions that everyone can adopt to improve their communication skills and tenderness with their partners.
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