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Autism Games 4 Socialization®: Using The Son-Rise Program® Social Developmental Model - 2 DVD Set
Think you’re not creative? Then this is the two DVD set for you. Learn games that will take your child to their next level of development in communication and in..
Autism Micro Tutorials: Bite Sized Son-Rise Program® Techniques
Learn the relationship building techniques of The Son-Rise Program®. Through demonstrations and tutorials, parents and professionals will acquire tools to jumpst..
The Son-Rise Program® Starter Kit
  The Starter Kit is a selection of outstanding resources designed to help you, your family, your support team and everyone else in your child's life to..
Breakthrough Strategies - for Autism Spectrum Disorders (DVD)
1. Introduction 2. My Recovery from Autism 3. The Autism Treatment Center of America 4. Joining The Son-Rise Program 5. Facilitating Skill Acquis..
Making Love Last - The Foolproof Guide to Keeping Love Alive (DVD)
  Everyone is lovable. Everyone can give love. There are no exceptions to this possibility. One loving person, one truly loving person, changes the worl..
Everyone Can Be Happy -- Including You! (DVD)
  An optimistic vision of living that really works! Barry Neil Kaufman (Bears) is no stranger to adversity. Whether dealing with personal challenges or ..