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Power Dialogues

Power Dialogues
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"I have been a psychiatrist for thirty years. Never before has any process taught me so much about how to be with others. The Option Process® is clear, precise and packs a punch. At the center of this process are the principles of being present, being loving, accepting others and being nondirective. To have been given tools in PowerDialogues to follow these principles is a great gift indeed. I am grateful."

-Ted McCarthy, M.D. - Chief of Psychiatry, Mercy Hospital, Maine

PowerDialoguesSM is the most readable, useful, and comprehensive guidebook to date on the Option Process® Dialogue. As a landmark book for thousands of people around the world, it offers a unique, simple, and effective tool for personal growth. It is now being used, as well, by helping professionals as a cutting-edge adjunct to many educational, therapeutic, and spiritual traditions. Additionally, The Option Institute® International Learning & Training Center uses PowerDialoguesSM as the primary text in its Certification Programs.

"PowerDialogues has profoundly transformed the way I work as psychiatrist. Using The Option Process® Dialogue, I have seen people change rapidly and painlessly, without the need for years of therapy. I am deeply grateful to Mr. Kaufman for making this powerful and effective method available to everyone!"

-Philip N. Lomas, M.D. - Psychiatrist, Wisconsin

"For over ten years, I have been in the business of helping diverse people work together to solve complex issues. I found one of the most powerful techniques to use in erasing barriers between people: Barry Neil Kaufman's PowerDialogues. At a time of crisis in my own life, I learned The Option Process® Dialogue. Not only did it help me to transform myself, but I also now teach it in my own work. As a result, the groups that I work with are more productive, more successful than ever before, and serve as role models within their organizations! This process has been critical to their success!"

-Michael Rubell, President and Senior Consultant, TeamWorks International, New Jersey

"PowerDialogues is a wonderful gift from Barry Neil Kaufman! This process has provided me with a way of living my faith in relation to my family, my parishoners and myself. I encourage everyone, including my clergy colleagues, to open your hearts to the gift that awaits you here."

-Kathleen Panning, M. Div. Lutheran Minister, South Carolina

"My professional life has greatly benefited as a result of the Option Process and the Option Process® Dialogue (PowerDialogues by Barry Neil Kaufman.) As an emergency room physician and regional EMS director, I am in a leadership position. Whenever I can, I share the Option Process® techniques and attitude with my colleagues. Because of PowerDialogues, I know I can choose to be calm and respectful no matter what is happening around me. So really, the Option Process® has helped me not only to be a better doctor, it's shown me how to be a more loving human being."

-Geoff Miller, M.D., Emergency Room Physician, Regional EMS Director, Iowa