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To Love Is To Be Happy With

To Love Is To Be Happy With
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"Hurrah for the Option Process® book. Brilliant, awesome, yet amazingly readable. It shares a vision and method from which you will emerge irrevocably changed -- happier, clearer, more in touch with what you want."

-Dr. Wayne W. Dyer - Author, I Can See Clearly Now

"For me, the joy of Bears' teaching has been its simplicity. I'm reading To Love Is To Be Happy With for the fourth time. It's amazing that each time I pick it up, I feel more at peace just reading a few pages.

-Gwen Glasscock, Texas

This best-selling book, which details the principles and applications of The Option Process®, has become an indispensable personal manual for hundreds of thousands of people who want a more loving and life-affirming basis by which to guide their lives. It has also become a teaching text, along with Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues and A Miracle to Believe In, in over 250 universities.

“I feel I know both you and your wife through your wonderful booked and tapes. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed them and followed with amazement and joy your triumphs over such overwhelming odds. Your Option Process® has also helped me tremendously in my daily life. Just reading To Love Is To Be Happy With opened my eyes to so many possibilities. I will be forever grateful.”

-Linda Bross, Illinois