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Giant Steps

Giant Steps
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“About the kind of love everyone secretly wants but is afraid to ask for… a liberating book; the perfect gift for someone hurting inside.”

-Los Angeles Times

“A feast for the heart. There are lessons in love for everyone here.”

-The Boston Globe

Giant Steps is a collection of inspiring stories of teenagers looking within themselves to deal with a whole gamut of challenging life situations. In addition to warming your heart, you'll also be introduced to the process by which these people were able to reverse the direction of their lives. By answering questions about how they felt and what they thought, these young adults decided to change how they viewed their situations and were thus empowered to take dramatically new actions.”

-John C. Hillegeist, Connecticut

This book illustrates the powerful, life-changing Option Process® Dialogue in action. With a caring and loving hand, Barry Neil Kaufman takes us on a very intimate journey with the young people he has helped. He brings us unflinchingly into moments of extreme crisis involving rape, questions of sexuality, a dying parent, divorce, the prison of drugs.