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Everyone Can Be Happy -- Including You! (DVD)

Everyone Can Be Happy -- Including You! (DVD)
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An optimistic vision of living that really works! Barry Neil Kaufman (Bears) is no stranger to adversity. Whether dealing with personal challenges or getting into the trenches to help others find their way, he applies a life-affirming and self-empowering perspective that allows you to choose when facing deep-seated fears, everyday struggles, parenting a special child, discordant relationships and abuse.
Additionally, through the lessons learned from sensitively told stories, you'll develop an understanding of the simple yet effective tools you can apply to make immediate improvements in your life. Bears combines a "straight-from-the-hip" style with a flair for story-telling that is dramatic, touching and often humorous. He deftly teaches how we can find:
  • Comfort when we are surrounded by problems and tragedy
  • Peace-of-mind in the face of life-long fears and phobias
  • Joy and ease in our everyday struggles
  • Success in creating a nurturing, supportive world around us
The methods he describes offer gentle and powerful tools that you can begin using immediately. This is an engaging and inspiring presentation on how to bring comfort, inner ease and peace-of-mind alive in your life now. Formerly titled New Eyes, New Life.