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Radical Authenticity August 11 - 16, 2019

Radical Authenticity August 11 - 16, 2019
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Communicate With Honesty, Without Hesitation


You would be surprised at how many life challenges stem from (or are exacerbated by) lack of honest communication. Most of us spend our lives hold-ing back what we think, feel and want in order to gain (or retain) the acceptance of others or to avoid confrontation and conflict. The problem is that this leads to:

  • Allowing many issues to remain unresolved until they reach a crisis point
  • A deep feeling of loneliness that comes from not really being known by others
  • Ongoing low-grade unhappiness due to the constant disconnect between what we feel on the inside and what we express on the outside
  • A cascade of unwanted events that occur Comfortable and because we go with what others want instead of honestly voicing what we want

Radical Authenticity is a course devoted entirely to becoming deeply comfortable and at ease with honest communication. Although the classes are bold and challenging they lead many to so enhance their own level of authentic communication with the people in their lives, that their relationships, personal happiness and ability to handle interpersonal challenges are utterly transformed.