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Inner Strength Boot Camp July 19 - 28, 2019

Inner Strength Boot Camp July 19 - 28, 2019
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Ultimate Training for Unshakable Happiness - An Intensive 9-day Program


Welcome to the most in-depth and comprehensive of our core courses.

At The Option Institute, we offer a variety of programs, each designed to help with different types of challenges, as well as various approaches to increasing happiness and comfort. However, if you feel that you’re facing challenges you can’t handle or you want to examine and re-construct every aspect of yourself, come to the Inner Strengthprogram.

Inner Strength is the fitness program for the mind and spirit that will help you build your internal sense of power, passion and freedom. This program equips you with tools to put you in complete charge of your emotions and behaviors – no matter what is happening around you.

This nine day course addresses and explores every aspect of what a person faces in themselves and their lives. You will be on a journey with a committed group of fellow participants examining your beliefs in each aspect of your life – from your confidence level to how you handle unpredictable or unwanted events to your willingness to communicate honestly, to your comfort with feeling and expressing love. Nothing is off limits and everything about what you believe and how you operate will be questioned (lovingly and non-judgmentally).

In truth, no matter what we may seek to change on the outside (our looks, our relationships, our job, our home), none of it makes a real difference if we can’t change how we feel and experience our lives on the inside. No amount of exercise prepares us for the heavy lifting that comes with the tribulations of money, relationships, health and the general uncertainties of life.

That is why it all comes down to Inner Strength – creating a way for ourselves to think and feel so that we have an unwavering, unstoppable, indestructible sense of our own strength, confidence, self-acceptance and clarity.