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Group Leadership Training January 7, 2018

Group Leadership Training January 7, 2018
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Group Leadership Training


Take a giant leap forward in your ability to lead groups.


Whether you lead an organization or company, supervise a department, direct a charity or a local rotary club, run a Son-Rise Program®, or present at work or for a living (and whether you're a beginner or more advanced), you will be shocked at how much you can turbo-charge your skills in just a week.

Present with power, lead with strength, meet unplanned presentation challenges with comfort, and communicate with clarity, enthusiasm, and deep caring. This training course provides you with an unparalleled laboratory where you can practice…and then get concrete, hands-on training from some of the most effective group facilitators on the planet.

Note: Unlike our other group facilitation training courses, this program has no prerequisites and is open to anyone. But we don’t run it every year, so, if this is something you want, now is your chance!

This fast-paced course will give you the opportunity to learn:

  • High-Powered, Fearless Presentation: Learn the tools that enable you to present any materials dynamically, compellingly, and without fear.
  • Our Signature Technique: Using the members of the group/audience to guide or teach the group itself. (Very, very few people know how to do this effectively.)
  • Story-Telling Secrets: The 5 Critical Components.
  • Instant Connection: Creating an immediate warm rapport with your audience/participants.
  • Leadership Jump Starters: 5 ways of getting unstuck while leading a group.
  • The Analogy Code: How to use analogies to make complex subjects understandable and important ideas memorable – and get buy-in from skeptical listeners.
  • Play Attention: How to use humor and playfulness to keep people engaged.
  • Unflappable Group Leadership: Spotting and neutralizing resistance comfortably and effectively, even in the face of discomfort or discontent from those you are addressing.