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The Ultimate System of Personal Change

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Power Dialogues is the signature program and system of questions taught by the Option Institute that you can use not only to improve the quality of your life but also to be sincerely and gently helpful to all those you care about.

  • Would it be exciting and super useful for you to learn a new skill, utilizing a system of questions, which would enable you to resolve issues and change yourself in the ways you would most want?
  • And are you, as well, a manager, teacher, therapist, health professional and/or a member of a team or organization in which you would like to increase your skills so that you could give more valuable support and guidance to those you supervise, those you work with, or those you care for?
  • And, hey… are you a parent or spouse or sister or brother who would want to acquire a soft, sweet, and respectful ability to help your children, other family members or friends to understand and resolve their issues?

Questions? A system of question? Ah, how many of us have run away from questions? How many of us have experienced questions as accusations or commentaries punctuated with a question mark that was never really a question? We are going to introduce you to a Socratic style of inquiry, in which questions are going to become your best friend as well as wonderful opportunities to see and understand underlying beliefs that you have… that you can change and in doing so, can completely transform any or every aspect of your life.

In PowerDialogues you will learn:

  • The ability to be equipped with the skills to understand and resolve daily issues as well as major life events.
  • How to create, in specifics, a revolutionary but simple way to feel grounded, comfortable, relaxed and caring.
  • Listening skills that will enable you to hear and actually understand what might have been previously hard to digest.
  • A system of questions, which will allow you to warmly and wisely assist others in breaking through their own limitations.
  • The opportunity to practice doing Dialogues in real time and get feedback and assistance in a highly engaging, interactive environment.
  • A way to understand yourself much more deeply, and make significant personal changes by changing core perspectives and beliefs.

Attending our Power Dialogues E-Learning Training Course will give you the tools to be able to use this innovative method with yourself and others to create more clarity, empowerment, happiness, and a whole lot more love.

  • “I love the Option Institute. I have taken five programs here and each one has enriched my life. PowerDialogues was so powerful-I feel more loving, more non-judgmental and I was able to make connections with my character that I want to change. PowerDialogues, whether as mentor or explorer, gave me a new way to look at myself.”
    —Gertruth H, Retired, Canada
  • “PowerDialogues surprised me with its depth and meatiness. I expected to learn a few techniques, slap them on and call it a day. I was surprised and delighted to find that the whole PowerDialogue process is an amazingly thought out and deeply meaningful science AND art. It’s a juicy, fun and thought provoking process, and I enjoyed launching into learning more about applying the process to my life so that I can be aware of my choices and be in control of what I feel and believe.”
    —Pam A., Son-Rise Mom, USA
  • “My personal experience here at the Option Institute for Power Dialogues has been an experience of true growth and a deeper understanding of myself. I learned that the only person I can control is myself, and if I want to change my life then I have to change myself. I learned how to be a better parent and wife with the dialogue process. And lastly, I learned how to be kinder to myself.”
    —Melissa S., Waitress, USA
  • “The Option Institute is absolutely transformative. Power Dialogues helped me learn the tools to change many of the unhelpful beliefs I wanted to change, but didn’t know how. I felt more confident, thoughtful, loving, and reflective in my conversations with others and especially, with myself!”
    —Travis K, CEO, USA
  • “The idea of taking the Power Dialogues course had not intrigued me in the past. It sounded technical and possibly quite boring and rigid. What I found after attending Power Dialogues is that it is dynamic, exciting, and ultimately remarkably enlightening. I would go begin it again tomorrow if it was possible!”
    —Gail S., Teacher, USA
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