Advanced Power Dialogues | August 16 - 21, 2020

  • Advanced Power Dialogues | August 16 - 21, 2020

Become An Exceptional Counselor in Everyday Situations

In this fast-paced, in-depth course, designed for people who have already taken the PowerDialoguesSM program, you will get the chance to dive in and significantly increase your Option Process® Dialogue knowledge, understanding and skill.

Becoming skilled at this process enables you to be incredibly well-equipped to help yourself and other people in your life who are facing crises such as divorce, loss of a job, illness or death of a loved one, job stress, childhood trauma, or chronic challenges such as depression, anxiety or physical illness. In fact, if you are interested in developing a career in helping others using the Option Process Dialogue, Advanced PowerDialoguesSM is a crucial step toward this end. (See Mentor Certification Training Program). Certified Mentors, too, take this course to brush up on their skills.

  • “I’ve taken almost all the programs at the Option Institute® and I have to say that Advanced PowerDialogues seemed to bring all those programs together for me. Understanding The Option Process Dialogue and the attitude of a mentor are the underpinnings that hold this institute together. It’s why we love the teachers, why all the programs work and why the relationships you form here are deeper than anywhere else in your life. This class holds the key to your happiness. Just take it!”
    —Nancy H, Realtor, Writer, USA
  • “Advanced PowerDialogues gave me the opportunity to dive as deep as I could into the process of mentoring and surrounding myself with an attitude of love and acceptance for others and for myself. The curriculum of the course was optimal to attain the highest level of learning The Option Process Dialogue, grasping the concepts and tools used in the dialogue and finding joy in myself around the learning process. I feel clearer in myself and truly accepting and loving of others.”
    —Leeza Steindorf, Mentor, Feldenkrais Practitioner and Peace Educator, Germany
  • “Advanced PowerDialogues was an in-depth exploration not only of The Option Process Dialogue, but also of the many things which arise in us as potential mentors that keep us from fully being in the attitude of being present, non-judgmental and non-directive. Thus, this course is a very personal and useful inner exploration also. The teaching was especially effective, as you get so much individual attention in the small groups.”
    —Phil Lomas, Psychiatrist, USA
  • “If you want to immerse yourself in the best process on the planet for promoting peace and love in the world starting in the most powerful place within-THIS IS IT. Look no further, you have found it!”
    —Colin D.,Caregiver, USA
  • “I loved Advanced PowerDialogues. The dialogue, and learning the dialogue, really is my path to heaven. In addition to what I have learned as a mentor, there is no dark and sticky corner of myself which I have not brought out to explore this week. I was able to create exactly the program I wanted for myself. The dialogue requires me to show up and I really showed up and took responsibility as never before. Yay!”
    —Anne-Marie G., Capability Development Specialist, United Kingdom
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