Fear Dismantled

  • Fear Dismantled

How to find solid ground in a time of global crisis

For many of us, if we scan what is happening right now in the world and in our lives, being scared seems like a sensible and reasonable response. Why? There’s a global pandemic. People are getting sick, and people are dying. Economic instability continues to escalate. Political and civil unrest has resulted in violence against government institutions.  Social and racial inequality and injustice remains unresolved.

So what does this mean for each of us individually and for those we love? The future is now unpredictable and we might be asking “Can I ever feel safe again?” Right now, even in the midst of the current events, it is still possible to find solid ground. You’re knee-jerk reaction to such a statement might be disbelief…but actually we believe creating solid ground is still very much possible in the midst of so much chaos. 

We are taught to use fear from a very early age and carry that fear with us as we grow older, even magnifying it as we encounter more experiences in our lives. “I’m afraid I won’t be able to protect my family,” “I worry about my children’s education, health and safety” (Yes, worry is a form of fear.), “I’m scared because I lost my job…or I could lose my job and maybe even my home,” “I’m afraid to get sick,” “OH MY GOSH, and what would happen to everyone I love if I die?” And the list goes on…  

So…how do you create SOLID GROUND for yourself? What if you were able to look at your fears, understand them, and replace them with a network of principles that allow you to stand tall in the face of challenges? Imagine if you were able to ask yourself “How will this strengthen me?” instead of “How will this hurt me?” …GUESS WHAT? YOU CAN!!!

Fear Dismantled is a high-impact, in-depth interactive course, where you will gain a completely new, very powerful understanding of fear so that you can dismantle it... even if your circumstances don’t change.

Now, (more than ever) is precisely the time to embark on this unique 5-day journey to dismantle your fear. Please see below, the wide-array of tools you’ll acquire during this E-Learning Training Course:

  • Belief-Busting: Uncover the hidden beliefs beneath your fears and anxieties. Then jettison them.
  • Finding the Target: Turns out, there is no such thing as “fear of the unknown.” All fear has a target – which we’ll show you how to pinpoint.
  • Taking Control: Really see how fear/anxiety isn’t something that happens to us; it’s something we do to protect and take care of ourselves.
  • Exiting the Anxiety Society: How to cease obsessing about worst case scenarios
  • Using the Want Winner: Focus on what you do want…instead of fearing what you don’t.
  • Diving Deep: Unearth the central fear at the core of all your anxiety.
  • Quitting the Questions: Once you learn to stop asking yourself fear-generating questions, you can stop fear before it starts.
  • Accomplishing Feats: How to replace fear-based life-management tools with Fearlessness-Enhancing Atti-Tools™ (FEATs)
Join the Option Institute® for this E-Learning Training Course LIVE via Zoom (and in the safety of your own home) for a chance to transform your whole way of thinking about fear, anxiety and worry. Once you have dismantled your fear – and the stress and distress that go with it…YOU WILL HAVE CREATED SOLID GROUND during these extraordinary times. Hooray for you!

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