The 6 Best Autumn Destinations in Europe

The 6 Best Autumn Destinations in Europe

Great insider tips for an autumn vacation in Europe

Summer may be over – but it's by no means the time for a perfect vacation. Europe also offers many exciting places and experiences in autumn and the advantage: it is not too hot to be active all around. That's why we've picked out for you the 6 best autumn destinations in Europe. With our tips, nothing stands in the way of your autumn vacation. Let's go.


Traveling in Germany – Tips for your trip!

Vacation in Germany, vacation at home. Why not? We give you the best tips on the way for your perfect travel experience in Germany.

Whether it's our lively hometown of Berlin, with its cultural diversity, famous nightlife and vibrant history, or Bavaria, with beautiful nature, the impressive Alps and Bavarian tradition – Germany has a lot to offer. Mountains, sea, metropolises, history, castles, old towns.

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Snowshoe hiking for beginners – tips on equipment, technique & tours

What could be better than exploring Winter Wonderland on foot?? An increasingly popular way of getting around in the snow is snowshoeing. The big advantage of snowshoes is that your weight is distributed over a larger area and you won't sink even in deep snow. Even in winter, it is possible to walk on trails that have not been cleared or even on open terrain. We have already strapped the snowshoes to our feet several times and tested the new trend sport. So much in advance: snowshoeing can really anyone! Therefore, we have summarized here a few tips for beginners on equipment, technique and tour planning for snowshoeing.

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CFO Black Book: The guide for the financial decision-maker of the future

CFO Black Book: The guide for the financial decision maker of the future

Internationalization, ever-shorter innovation cycles, automation: the world is spinning faster and faster, the corporate environment is becoming more complex. Add to this global challenges – such as new sustainability goals, the financial crisis, or the COVID 19 pandemic – that are testing the resilience and risk management of society and business. Chief financial officers (CFOs) in this situation can make good use of a guide to help them along the path of transformation. That's why we have developed the CFO Black Book.


The best road trips in 2021: Sardinia Edition

Hey Italophiles, this one is for you! Welcome to the third chapter of our series "The best road trips in 2021". This time our road trip takes us to the beautiful Italian island of Sardinia. For lovers of picture-perfect winding roads and beautiful coastlines (we all are, aren't we?), this is the place to be?), you're guaranteed to find all the inspiration you need to plan your Sardinia adventure here!

If you are curious about the first two parts of this series, you don't have to wait any longer. Go directly to "The best road trips in 2021: Europe Edition" for part 1 and "The best road trips in 2021: North America Edition" for part 2.

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Chiang Mai – Backpacker’s paradise in the north of Thailand

Chiang Mai means "new city" and is probably the most famous city in the north of Thailand. It is especially popular with backpackers and offers many leisure activities as well as a beautiful ambience. The city was founded in 1296 and is located in the province of Chiang Mai. Since 2015, the northern Thai city and its sights are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In this article, you'll learn how we got to Chiang Mai, where to stay, and what to do in the northern Thai city. In addition to countless temples, Chiang Mai offers many different activities, so that everyone can find something to do. Whether you are looking for good food, want to try different specialties or want to stroll around the city to find numerous temples, there is a lot on offer. And if you ever get tired, there are very nice cafes with great coffee. Finally you will find out how it went on for us to Chiang Mai.


The best viewpoints and rooftop bars in Madrid

Capitol Callao

The post is called the best viewpoints and rooftop bars in Madrid, but I actually want to share my favorites in this category here. Madrid is actually full of rooftop bars. But here now is my small selection of tips for a great view and unforgettable moments in Madrid. And the best part is that all of my recommendations fit into a small travel budget because they're largely free.


Larb Gai – the traditional Thai meat salad with chicken

Larb Gai, often spelled Lab Gai or Laab Gai, is one of the most famous Thai dishes. If you go to a Thai restaurant or are on vacation in Thailand, you will definitely find this delicacy on the menu.

Why there are so many different spellings for this dish is easily explained. In Thailand they use their own Thai characters. The transcription of these characters is not really fixed. Therefore, translations from Thai always have several possible spellings. None of these are wrong though.