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Important info & helpful tips

Car Hire Sydney

On the subject of "car rental Sydney" there is a lot of interesting, but also some really important information that you should know regarding your vacation planning and implementation in the capital of New South Wales. Already the view during the approach to the airport of Sydney characterizes the Australian world metropolis excellently. The runway, which is about nine kilometers south of the city center, juts out into a bay. A few kilometers from the skyscrapers of the business district, the Pacific coast with its wide strips of beach sand is visible. The airport is located about 15 kilometers south of the distinctive Harbour Bridge.

Car Rental

On the tarmac, it is easy to see that this is the start of a geographic region that is less well known in Europe. Airplanes carry emblems and names like Air Tahiti Nui, Air Vanuatu, Fiji Airways, Sichuan Airlines or Virgin Samoa. Flights from Europe land mostly at Terminal 1 and arrive in the afternoon or evening. If you have booked your rental car to be picked up in the city, you can find detailed information about the airport, which is well connected to the public transport network, at TransportNSW. Directly to the left of exit A from the baggage claim area are the counters of the four international car rental companies Avis, Budget, Europcar and Hertz as well as the two Australian providers Redspot and Thrifty. From exit B it is about a hundred meters to the right. The toll booths are usually open between six in the morning and midnight. Every renter should make sure that the landlord is waiting for times outside of eight o'clock in the morning until twenty o'clock in the evening.

Road & Tunnel Toll

Sydney Harbour Bridge

In major Australian cities, some roads are subject to tolls. This also applies in Sydney to several roads leading from the airport into the city. Since the system is operated with electronic scanning devices at the roadside, unknowingly "driving into" it can be more expensive. Several toll companies offer online registration of the rental car. Every renter should check with the landlord in advance or develop a plan to avoid the toll routes.

In Sydney, the toll roads run in a ring around the inner city districts. Sydney's large spread in area creates a total ring length of over one hundred kilometers. On the eastern flank, both the airport and the Sydney Harbour Bridge are connected to the ring road. While the toll can be bypassed from the airport, the Harbour Bridge and adjacent tunnel cannot be bypassed. From the airport, Southern Cross Drive leads to the city center.

Parking situation in the city

About a third more residents than in Berlin are spread over twice the city area in Sydney. Basically, it is advisable to park outside the popular and popular parts of the city. The area from the business district and Darling Harbour eastward to the Pacific coast and Bondi Beach offer only expensive parking options. Outside of this region, free parking is available almost throughout the city area, although the local situation can vary greatly depending on the time of day and day of the week.

In & around Sydney: car, camper, motorhome or 4WD?


What type of rental car is best for my stay in and around Sydney? Of course, this question can only be answered if you already know approximately what you absolutely want to see and what the focus of your trip will be on. If you want to stay mainly in the city and visit only a few highlights in the surrounding area, a normal car is sufficient, because the roads, for example, in the Blue Mountains or in the Hunter Valley are easy to drive without 4WD. A rental car with four-wheel drive is really only needed when driving into the remote outback inland or to visit some national parks that are difficult to access. Renting a motorhome or campervan from Sydney, on the other hand, is very popular with many travelers, as they start their trip from the Australian metropolis. Especially popular are tours with the campervan or motorhome, which lead along the beautiful east coast in the direction of Cairns. But the much more sparsely populated west coast is also very popular among adventurous travelers.

Note: Driving a campervan or motorhome in Sydney is not a big problem, but most of the parking lots have a limit for higher vehicles, which is why you usually have to find a parking place outside the CBD with your rented camper or motorhome.

Recommendations: Excursions by rental car from Sydney

In the following, we would like to list a few interesting recommendations regarding well-known as well as still quite unknown sights that can be reached relatively quickly with a rental car from Sydney:

Sydney Harbour Bridge & Opera House

Sydney Opera House

If you want to visit and see the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, you should get around on foot and by public transport. The rented car can be parked for example well in the districts Camperdown or Marrickville situated to the east of the city center. Basically, the closer you get to the water of Port Jackson flowing through town, the more limited the parking situation becomes. Even if with a lot of luck a parking place is found, in the central city area the risk of damaging the rental car should not be neglected.

Bondi Beach & Manly Beach

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach, world famous at least since the Olympic Games 2000, can be reached by rental car. Parking is very expensive and therefore it is worthwhile to stay only a relatively short time for sightseeing. Permanent parking is not recommended and in many cases not allowed. If you want to surf here, you should unload your gear and come back by streetcar after finding a parking space.

The beach favored by Australians is Manly Beach in the north of the city. With a detour of about half an hour drive, the north can be reached toll-free via the A40 motorway. Manly Beach is the southernmost point of a stretch of coastline that stretches about twenty kilometers north to Palm Beach. Here you can find one dream stand after the other and for every taste you will find the right spot.

Northern districts

Port Jackson

The neighborhoods north of the Harbour Bridge are often reminiscent of the appearance of U.S. suburbs. Broad streets and almost exclusively one- to two-story houses, both brick and wood, convey the charm of middle-class life. At first sight boring looking residential areas hold authentic impressions and moments of the life of the Australian population in corner stores, bars and restaurants. The shore regions at Port Jackson should be approached according to your personal feeling of safety and should be avoided from dusk and in the dark.

Southern neighborhoods

The southwestern region of Sydney is the most urbanized area of the entire city. Here you have to expect occasional heavy traffic, reminiscent of big European cities. The further east the southern districts are located, the looser the development becomes. For a particularly varied impression of Sydney, visit the districts of Liverpool with Warwick Farm, Hoxton and the hills of Padstow. A Vietnamese-style equivalent of Chinatown, located close to the city center, can be found in Cabramatta, some thirty kilometers to the west.

Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains National Park

In the east Sydney borders directly on the nature reserve and world natural heritage Blue Mountains. Even if Sydney is only one stop of your stay in Australia, a visit to the Blue Mountains should definitely be planned. Due to the geographical proximity, a day trip is no problem either. The Great Western Highway towards Katoomba approaches the park area, and along the way you'll find several places to park your rental car – whether it's a car, 4WD, motorhome or campervan. If you want to visit the famous Three Sisters rock formation, drive through to Katoomba, about sixty kilometers from Sydney. The Three Sisters are a fifteen minute walk from Katoomba.

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