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I was able to learn how sports unite people when I was a youngster playing competitive and recreational sports with Frankfurt am Main. I have tried to pass on these experiences as a trainer and mentor of young people throughout my life. I have experienced how sport overcomes barriers. Professionally, I have worked independently with my company for 25 years in the USA and internationally in the field of recycling and upcycling.

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THE WYLD SHOW: visual fireworks

The WYLD Show

The pair of artists are hovering a few meters above the ground when it happens: She does a somersault, grabs his hand – slips and falls into the depths unbraked. Shocked shouts in the audience. Shocking. There the saving rope intervenes in the last second. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief. The artist was secured. It remains the only really visible flaw in THE WYLD, the spectacular, almost perfectly planned show at Berlin's Friedrichstadtpalast.

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The ultimate group travel destinations in Germany

The ultimate group travel destinations in Germany

Why wander far and wide when the good things are so near?

Germany is not equal to Germany – it depends on the perspective. The best example was Hamburg for me, but more about that later. The country has more to offer than Oktoberfest – yes Oktoberfest is a highlight in itself, no question – but have you ever had the sun shine on your face at the North Sea? The nightlife in St. Pauli experienced? Or have you ever felt like a princess or prince at Neuschwanstein castle? Get inspired and plan your next group trip with JoinMyTrip to the best spots in Germany!

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Cool Taipei: 8 tips for exploring the city

As the only democracy in the Chinese-speaking world and the most progressive city for LGBTQ + rights in Asia, a legacy of artists and activists has helped make Taiwan's capital a place where culture, progress and creativity thrive.

In recent years, a new wave of resident creatives has revitalized the city. These days, cutting-edge art galleries stand next to traditional teahouses, and basement club techno still murmurs in the streets, while local markets set up their fare as the sun rises. Affordable, safe, efficient and exciting, this sea of glass, concrete and palm trees is a dreamland for urban explorers. For travelers looking to explore Taiwan's underground scene, here are eight tips on how to discover cool Taipei at its best.

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The best trips and tips for your New Year’s Eve trip

The best trips and tips for your New Year's Eve trip

Imagine it's the morning of the 27th. Decembers: Three days of delicious food around the clock, good conversation and relaxation are behind you. The last Christmas cookies were eaten yesterday. Mulled wine? No thanks, next year again. Coming down a bit at home and spending time with the family was also very good again. The batteries are fully charged and you are already tingling again.

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These Simple Car Hacks Every Car Owner Must Know!

We all know how to drive a car and how to operate it – and that without having taken a look at the car manual beforehand. We automatically know how to turn on the windshield wipers, air conditioner or rear fog lamp. At least we hope so! Some people are even advanced enough to change car tires themselves. But did they already know these simple but incredibly efficient car hacks? We have compiled a list of ingenious tips and tricks around the subject of the car, which save you a lot of time, money and effort. One gets many small to medium-size autoproblems in such a way completely simply into the grasp!

Car Hacks You Just Have To Know

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The best tips for hay fever

In case of hay fever, the first rule is: avoid the allergy-causing pollen as much as possible! Therefore, hay fever patients should always know which pollen is currently flying in their region. With strong pollen flight the emergency brake can be pulled then directly and the stay in nature be reduced accordingly. Also planned outdoor sports can then be postponed to another day with lower pollen load in case of need.

Tip: The pollen count app from Hexal keeps you up to date even when you're out and about. Here is the app free for iOS or. Android available for download.

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Travel in India

The diversity of Indian wilderness is no less than any other part of the planet, perhaps in many ways it is secondary to African continent. With around 60-70% bio-diversity of the earth, you cannot easily study about its wide range in terms of species and habitats. The Western Ghats and Himalayan areas are the pearls of our rich heritage. Some extremely fruitful conservation programs have guaranteed about their survival and are certainly working for their thriving population of numerous species in our ecosystem. With the largest population of Royal Bengal Tigers, we have more than 100 national parks and 500 wildlife sanctuaries.

In case if you are planning for the same or speculating to invest some time in the middle of the wilderness of India, you are at the perfect place. Below are India's main places for a charge of extraordinary Wildlife Safari Holidays.

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Compulsory vaccination when traveling

Mandatory vaccination when traveling – an important topic especially due to the current Corona pandemic. But not only the upcoming vaccinations against COVID-19 have to be considered by all of us. For many long-distance journeys, entry requirements apply, which also include special vaccinations.

We would now like to give you an overview of the necessary vaccinations. When should you get vaccinated? Which entry restrictions or. -regulations there are? Which countries have compulsory vaccination? We would like to explain these and other questions for you in more detail.