You are homesick ? That’s okay! Homesickness Remedy

When you feel homesick, sometimes you just want to snap your fingers and be back home. But think about your situation for a second – many people feel homesick at important times in their lives. University, a new job, a new relationship or even a trip around the world. And it might feel hard now, but it will probably be worth it in the long run!

That's why this article will give you some practical tips to make you feel a little better. And while no one really knows how to combat homesickness with immediate effect, there are remedies for homesickness that may help you.


Ruppiner Seenland water worlds with cultural enjoyment

The Ruppiner Seenland is one of the most beautiful water sports areas in Europe. Castles with stunning lake views, like Rheinsberg, provide magical backdrops for concerts, theater and festivals. In Neuruppin, the birthplace of Theodor Fontane, and in many other towns in the region, there are many reminders of Brandenburg-Prussian history. And in many places the landscape still looks as it did in Fontane's time: Cobbled streets with fruit trees and corn poppies by the wayside and storks on the roofs.

Let's go! We show you what the perfect day in the Ruppiner Seenland looks like, give you valuable tips and recommendations for your vacation, and tell you which highlights are not to be missed here.


The best weekend trips in Germany

The best weekend trips in Germany

What to do on the Whitsun weekend? Or on Ascension Day? These issues are becoming increasingly important, especially now that each state is adopting more and more relaxations to the Corona crisis. We have put together the most beautiful weekend trips in Germany for you, from the North Sea to the Alps, everything is there.


RTI Provisions: Almost-return to the model of 2019/2020

The new FTI vision model applies from today, September 7, for all departures in the fiscal year 2022/23

After the transitional models during the Corona crisis, the FTI Group is largely returning to the model from 2019/2020 for the 2022/23 fiscal year. This stands for "planning security and liquidity guarantee" and has proven itself accordingly, says sales director Richard Reindl. The new model is valid from today 7. September for all departures in fiscal year 2022/23.


The magazine on innovation and finance from Austria – Brainpower Austria

Brainpower Austria – Innovation and finance in our magazine in Austria

Corporate credit cards are special credit cards that are particularly advantageous for employees in the field. For business executives, corporate cards offer some advantages, such as simplified expense reports and business travel services. Extensive fringe benefits are also offered.

Advantages of corporate credit cards and corporate cards

corporate credit card