You are homesick ? That’s okay! Homesickness Remedy

When you feel homesick, sometimes you just want to snap your fingers and be back home. But think about your situation for a second – many people feel homesick at important times in their lives. University, a new job, a new relationship or even a trip around the world. And it might feel hard now, but it will probably be worth it in the long run!

That's why this article will give you some practical tips to make you feel a little better. And while no one really knows how to combat homesickness with immediate effect, there are remedies for homesickness that may help you.


Ruppiner Seenland water worlds with cultural enjoyment

The Ruppiner Seenland is one of the most beautiful water sports areas in Europe. Castles with stunning lake views, like Rheinsberg, provide magical backdrops for concerts, theater and festivals. In Neuruppin, the birthplace of Theodor Fontane, and in many other towns in the region, there are many reminders of Brandenburg-Prussian history. And in many places the landscape still looks as it did in Fontane's time: Cobbled streets with fruit trees and corn poppies by the wayside and storks on the roofs.

Let's go! We show you what the perfect day in the Ruppiner Seenland looks like, give you valuable tips and recommendations for your vacation, and tell you which highlights are not to be missed here.


Money gone abroad, what to do?

Money lost abroad

Suddenly being without money on a trip, because everything has been stolen and your credit card is gone, is certainly one of the most unpleasant situations you can get into abroad. In the following post, I'll introduce you to a few ways to get money back when you're abroad, resp. some things, like accommodation etc., you can pay online if the money is suddenly gone abroad.


Destination: Quebec City

Quebec City was founded more than 400 years ago by French fur traders on the banks of the St. Lawrence River founded and later run by the British. In 1985, it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Walking the cobblestone streets is like reading a Charles Dickens novel brought to life. But culinary travelers will find more than sightseeing here: 'food, wonderful food' – and wine – can be found in every corner of this Canadian gem.

Accommodation: if the revered landmark The Chateau Frontenac on Rue Saint-Louis is booked, head around the corner inside the walled city to the Art Deco Manoir Victoria . Smoke-free four-star hotel offers 156 rooms and suites, hotel spa, complimentary use of indoor pool and fitness center, and upscale dining in French continental restaurant, lounge and parking garage.


Corfu Tips: Greece’s green island

Sun, beach, lots of relaxation and hospitality – the island of Corfu has all this to offer its guests. Located in the northwest of Greece, it can be reached from Germany by plane in about two to three hours. In the summer season from May to September there are then also numerous flights from various German airports directly to Corfu. We briefly introduce the island – and give the best Corfu tips at a glance.

Corfu town – small but nice

Not far from the airport is Corfu Town, the largest town on the island. The small town houses most of the inhabitants, the entire administration as well as a ferry port and a marina. By ferry you can get from Corfu to Igoumenitsa on the Greek mainland and occasionally to Italy, for example to Bari. In the harbor north of the city center, cruise ships also dock regularly.


Berlin Edition

Insider Tips | Berlin Edition

You don't have anything planned for one of the long weekends and you want to experience something new?? Then we recommend a visit to the capital. You can't book hotels in Berlin at the moment, but there are plenty of Airbnbs available. So we recommend you leave the couch at home behind and explore the capital. These insider tips will guide you off the beaten path through Berlin and the surrounding area. Here is something for everyone, whether foodie or culture lover.


The Old Country: 30 relaxed excursion tips & sights in the Old Country

In the matter of "Heimatliebe Norddeutschland" I will of course not get tired to present you numerous travel and excursion tips in the North. Every now and then I take you, within the scope of this mission, also to "Altes Land bei Hamburg", along the river Elbe.

The Altes Land Hamburg region (to be precise, it is located just outside Hamburg in Lower Saxony) is one of the largest fruit-growing areas in Germany.

How To

The ultimate group travel destinations in Germany

The ultimate group travel destinations in Germany

Why wander far and wide when the good things are so near?

Germany is not equal to Germany – it depends on the perspective. The best example was Hamburg for me, but more about that later. The country has more to offer than Oktoberfest – yes Oktoberfest is a highlight in itself, no question – but have you ever had the sun shine on your face at the North Sea? The nightlife in St. Pauli experienced? Or have you ever felt like a princess or prince at Neuschwanstein castle? Get inspired and plan your next group trip with JoinMyTrip to the best spots in Germany!