Che bella! – My 3 favorite places in Italy

Che bella! - My 3 favorite places in Italy

Italy. The country where not only culinary dreams come true. It's a place where you can experience ancient history up close and personal, and where you can let your mind wander. About the landscape, the mountains, the sea. Italy is a way of life and full of beautiful places. Too many, to be honest. And yet they do exist: the spots that arouse a great longing in me.

That's why the call from fellow blogger Julia from "Italy and I" for a blogparade about our favorite places in Italy came just in time for me. On second thought, it's not easy for me to name just three favorite places in Italy. Every corner of this country is so unique and fascinating that I would have an easier time naming three places per region than three for the entire state. But well, I still had to choose, and I now present here my "Best of Italy" 🙂 .

Italy's most beautiful places

Corniglia, Cinque Terre

The 5 villages of the Cinque Terre are beautiful in their entirety. The path that connects them should be walked if you want to feel the magic of the Ligurian coast. For me, Corniglia is a particularly fascinating village: it is the third, smallest and highest of all five villages. Even from a distance, the colorful houses put a smile on your face.

What makes the village particularly appealing is that it does not have a harbor, which means that there are no boat tourists, which is definitely a blessing for freedom of movement in view of the already numerous bus and train passengers. And Corniglia really comes alive in the evening, when the daytime visitors say goodbye. There are not many restaurants and bars here, but the atmosphere in them is very warm. There is sitting in the alleys, drinking, laughing loudly, and you get an idea of typical Italian village life.

The beach is also an experience in itself: accessible only by descending many steps, you can then sit on the many flat rocks, jump into the water from the higher ones or swim into the caves on a voyage of discovery.

Corniglia is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy

Do you want to know more about the area? Then click your way to my article about our two-day hike in the Cinque Terre

Malcesine, Lago di Garda

After I have found my personal paradise at Lake Garda and the longing pulls me here again and again, of course a place at the lake can not be missing. In this case, I must clearly declare Malcesine as my favorite. The flair that this small town exudes, immediately strikes positively on the Italian mood and offers both bathing as well as culture and shopping enthusiasts something.

Here you can let yourself drift and discover architectural and artistic treasures from the small harbor to the Castello. The Castello also attracted Goethe in 1786, which is why today you can find a bust of him there. The view from the bell tower should not be missed by anyone who passes through there, because when I saw Malcesine from above, I had the feeling of time travel, because the houses and roofs of the old town seem to be from times long past.

In Malcesine there is also the cable car up to Monte Baldo. Up there you can hike and eat wonderfully and enjoy a fascinating view of Lake Garda. Although I prefer the trail over the backside of Monte Baldo to the top, the Cima Valdritta, it can also be reached via the mountain station from Malcesine.

Dreamlike Malcesine from the tower of the Castello

I visited Malcesine, among other places, on the first leg of my trip to Italy in the footsteps of Goethe

What you can do at Lake Garda, you can find out in my detailed Lake Garda Guide

And especially for the north of Lake Garda I have also written an informative article

Do you know my book "Arcadia and Cornetti"?? In it I tell about my two-month trip to Italy on Goethe's footsteps – Sicilian hospitality, really delicious gelato and self-doubt included!

All info about the book

Even though I am aware that Rome is not an "insider's tip" and is certainly mentioned by many as one of the three favorite places, I still can't help it. Rome is simply my favorite city, and nowhere does my heart so much as here, when I stroll through the old streets of Trastevere or stand on one of the Tiber bridges. The fact that around every corner there is something interesting, old, worth seeing, inspires me just as much as the hustle and bustle of the markets and the many beautiful old churches.

In Rome, I was particularly taken with the many vantage points from which one can look down on the city. Be it the roof of the "Monumento Nazionale di Vittorio Emanuele II", the top floor of Castel Sant'Angelo, the dome of St. Peter's Basilica, or the terraces in the green like at the Avetin or Villa Borghese – you can admire Rome from any perspective from above. And then recognizes what makes it my favorite city: Rome is a smorgasbord of history, a place of epochs, where many different styles had their place, which can be experienced today as a real photo album.

The most beautiful places in Italy: Rome

Italy – land of longing

The choice is not easy when you have to name the most beautiful cities in Italy. Because there are so many others that must be mentioned here. Matera for example, which amazes with its Sassi and its impressive history. Or Naples, which for me represents pure life and where I can simply feel at home. Or Arezzo, which with its ancient streets and its pleasant unfamiliarity is a real pearl in Tuscany. Emilia-Romagna also has such wonderful cities to offer, first of all Bologna, of course. And Venice is a magic place in itself anyway!

No matter how you look at it, Italy is and always will be a country of longing. Here one may be enchanted by dreamlike sunsets or simply indulge in sweet dolce far niente. And drink the best coffee in the world.

For more favorite places, check out "Italyandyou" and the accompanying blogparade "Favorite Travel Destinations in Italy", where a great collection of beautiful places in Italy is being created by travel bloggers 🙂 .

Which place in Bella Italia has left you speechless or enchanted?? Tell me in the comments!

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