Checklist for the vacation & tips for packing suitcases

The travel season is the most beautiful time of the year. There we have one week vacation and already it goes with the airplane into the south or into the north. Short trips are in vogue, one week of vacation time is already a tall order. Many trips for a long weekend to the dream city: Copenhagen, Barcelona, London or Vienna are on the list. Airlines offer flight tickets at moderate prices. Usually only one suitcase is allowed on the plane, the sog. Hand luggage. You should know exactly what to take with you and how to pack a rolling suitcase to save space. A checklist for the vacation with hand luggage would be just right. No problem. You can find a packing list at the end of the article. You can also find helpful tips about space-saving suitcase packing here.

Contents: Checklist – Tips: Packing suitcases – Important for hand luggage

How do I pack my suitcase? Checklist for your vacation!

Checklist – What should be in the suitcase?

Do you always think about everything when you travel? It's annoying when you forget something. A checklist for the vacation, which can be called up again and again, would be very helpful. Even those who travel only with hand luggage, is well served with a packing list, because who would not like to start the journey well organized.

Some things should be considered in advance. Is the passport still valid? Who waters the flowers? Have thought of the booking documents? What kind of clothes to take with you?

Phew, there is a lot. A checklist for the vacation is a good thing. How practical, a reusable packing list for individualization is available here for printing:

Depending on where the trip goes, you can add to the list.

Packing suitcases – this is how you save space, keep your luggage tidy and wrinkle-free

If you are only traveling with hand luggage, you should pack space-saving and clearly arranged, the space in the small suitcases is limited and often city trips last longer than only two days. Those who z.B. If you think about your vacation wardrobe in advance, you can save a lot of space in your suitcase. But look for yourself, here you will find helpful tips:

  • Put together a wardrobe for your short trip that consists of a few pieces of clothing that you can combine in a variety of ways. A sweater or a blazer takes up a lot of space in your suitcase. T-shirts, long-sleeved shirts or blouses, however, less. Combines so a sweater or a jacket several times with different bottoms.
  • A blazer can also be worn as a jacket, so you kill two birds with one stone and save space in your suitcase.
  • The sog. Onion suits allow you to react quickly to a change in the weather.
  • Remember, the travel wardrobe, which you wear on the day of arrival, counts with – here you can trick and put on the blazer or the sweater, which would not actually fit in the suitcase any more.
  • How many pairs of shoes to take? In most cases the one pair of shoes you wear on the day of arrival and the slippers for the hotel shower are enough. Sometimes you can not estimate the weather, in this case a light pair of shoes should be in the suitcase.

Tips: how to pack space-saving

  • Roll up your clothes tightly, so they do not crumple and do not take up so much space in the suitcase. In addition, you keep the contents of the case at a glance. The clothes can be easily taken out of the case without causing any mess. The garments do not sag or crumple when being put upright. The rule is: heavy clothes like shoes and pants, which do not buckle, go on the bottom. The light parts, like blouses and shirts to the top.
  • The little black dress, the silk blouse or a fine shirt should also be taken along when traveling. The parts remain crease-free if you insert a sheet of paper when folding the case. There will be no unsightly creases.
  • Do you need to take a hairdryer or towels with you when traveling? In most cases you will find a hairdryer in the hotel, but it is better to ask beforehand. Towels are always available!
  • You can also save space in your toilet bag, at best you can get shampoo and body lotion in the hotel. In the suitcase Boardtrolley from DEPOT there is a practical zipper bag, which you can use as a toilet bag.
  • Fill shampoo and shower gel in small tubes, you need only small amounts for a short trip, so you save space in the suitcase.
  • Put a laundry bag in your suitcase, you can store dirty laundry here. The suitcase always looks accurately packed. It could be that you have to open the luggage at the security check at the airport.
  • Keep your cables for cell phone and co. in a cable bag run, so you always have them at hand and they do not tumble around in the suitcase.

Practical suitcases are the be-all and end-all

  • Use a suitcase with additional small compartments, here you can store small items. You keep an overview of your travel utensils.
  • Not all suitcases are the same. The small suitcase board trolley from DEPOT has a very practical flap that gives you easy access to the front compartment of the suitcase. Here you can store a laptop, stow your handbag when you start your journey or have access to your travel reading for the flight.
  • Hard shell suitcases have two halves. Here you can pack systematically and organized. Clothes in one half. Books, magazines, umbrella, camera and shoes in the other half of the suitcase.

Hand luggage – you have to pay attention to this

If you are traveling by plane, you are not allowed to take everything with you in your hand luggage. There are regulations that you have to take into account, otherwise you will get into trouble at the security check.

  • Liquids, gases and gels may only be taken in quantities of max. 100 ml and must be visibly placed in a sealable transparent bag on the control belt. This includes: lipstick, cream, ointments, drinks, shampoo, shower gel, aftershave, perfume, ..
  • A laptop is allowed on the plane, but must also be unpacked and placed on the conveyor belt at the security check. A suitcase with a practical laptop bag is a useful companion for a trip with a computer.
  • No knives, pointed or sharp objects may be taken on the plane and should therefore not be stored in the hand luggage. Better leave these things at home. Nail scissors and small nail files are allowed.

Hand luggage – How big and how heavy can your suitcase be??

  • There is no standard suitcase size for hand luggage. Each airline mandates its own maximum size and weight. The tare weight of the board trolley from DEPOT is 2,6 kg. Before starting a flight, one should inform oneself in this regard by all means. Remember, the suitcase weighs.
  • Hand luggage is not equal to hand luggage, also here there are differences from airline to airline. In many cases only one piece of luggage is really allowed on the plane. The handbag, laptop bag or umbrella must go in the small travel suitcase. This means that you should definitely allow for extra space when packing.

My suitcase is packed, the checklist for the vacation is checked off. Please remember and here comes one last tip: If you use a luggage tag, the piece of luggage could get lost, push the address card upside down in the tag. Persons who do not mean well with you can otherwise easily read your address. They know you will not be home for a few days.

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