Corfu Tips: Greece’s green island

Sun, beach, lots of relaxation and hospitality – the island of Corfu has all this to offer its guests. Located in the northwest of Greece, it can be reached from Germany by plane in about two to three hours. In the summer season from May to September there are then also numerous flights from various German airports directly to Corfu. We briefly introduce the island – and give the best Corfu tips at a glance.

Corfu town – small but nice

Not far from the airport is Corfu Town, the largest town on the island. The small town houses most of the inhabitants, the entire administration as well as a ferry port and a marina. By ferry you can get from Corfu to Igoumenitsa on the Greek mainland and occasionally to Italy, for example to Bari. In the harbor north of the city center, cruise ships also dock regularly.

The city center is located between the ferry port and the marina. Picturesque places and some good hotels can be found there as well as typical Greek taverns and the Casino Corfu, directly above the marina. Especially the architecture of the building always attracts tourists. You can pass the casino by walking or driving around the marina and heading towards the old Venetian fortress, which can still be visited today.

That there is a casino in Corfu is not a surprise. Finally, the entertainment possibilities in the areas usually also decide whether tourists pay a visit to the places or not. Especially casinos are becoming more and more popular here. This is not least due to the success of casinos on the Internet. These are very happy to offer bonuses to convince potential guests of their merits. Often there is a multiple of a deposit to get out with bonuses, as this article focusing on all types of 400% bonuses shows. However, it is also always important to check all the conditions associated with the bonus. Often includes minimum and maximum deposit amounts.

Green and picturesque: the east coast of Corfu

Corfu is considered one of the greenest islands in Greece. Especially the east coast of the island has many beautiful small bays and not less pretty sights. Already in the approach from the south to the airport, which is located in a lagoon, you can recognize the "mouse island" Pontikonisi. Next to it, also built out into the water, is the monastery island of Vlacherna. In the past it has also been the setting for the filming of movies, for example "The Isle of the Dead" by Val Lewton.

The west coast also has many beautiful bays to offer. But probably no bay is as beautiful as that of Paleokastritsa, where there is also a monastery. From a vantage point high above the sea there is a wonderful view over that area. Up there is the mountain village of Lakones, which is often called the balcony of the Ionian Sea. As the settlements are distributed in the landscape, you can also find olive groves and various fruit trees on Corfu.

Corfu Tips: Long beaches in the south

While in the north, west and east the coast often slopes rather steeply, there are longer beaches especially in the south. There you can really enjoy life on vacation. Of course, this is also due to the temperatures, which usually reach more than 30 degrees Celsius during the day in Corfu in summer. From June to August, Corfu has an average of eleven hours of sunshine per day. You can leave your umbrella at home in summer – but in winter it tends to get quite humid all over the island.

Corfu tips

Corfu Tips: The Must-Do's

If you're traveling by rental car, there's plenty to discover on Corfu.

Here's a bucket list:

Take a stroll through the market in Kerkyra (Corfu Town). Here you can find everything a tourist's heart desires. Fresh olive oil, fresh fish, fruits and vegetables. Is always open, except Sundays.
Visiting the fortress in Kerkyra and enjoying a panorama over the whole town (not far from the market) can be combined wonderfully
Bathing in the Korission lake – a freshwater lagoon, which lies directly at the sea, in the southern part of Corfu.
Rent a boat and sail to the island of Paxos, south of Corfu. Here are wonderful beaches and usually much less tourist:inside.
Have a drink in the tavern Dionysos in Afionas. Here you have a wonderful view over the bay of Agios Georgios. Attention: First you have to take a small hike uphill.
Let yourself drift and discover the mountain villages of Corfu. Because there are so many of them, nestled between olive groves and gentle countryside. Especially in spring the small villages offer a wonderful sight when the lemon trees bloom in the gardens.
Water skiing at Glyfada Beach. After all, this is one of the most beautiful beaches on Corfu. Therefore a beach day here is a must in any case!

Corfu Tips: Good to know


Corfu has an international airport and is therefore easy to reach by plane. For example from Berlin by direct flight. It will take you about two and a half hours. The landing on Corfu is usually an experience. This is because runways project into the sea and are surrounded by water, like tongues of land. If you don't want to fly, you can take the ferry from the mainland to Corfu.

On the road in Corfu

There is some kind of infrastructure on Corfu, for example there are a few regular buses. It is advisable, however, who would like to discover the island, to set on a rented car. Because otherwise you are quite strongly bound to the respective hotel and resort and the movement radius is relatively small.


In Greece you pay with Euro. German tourists usually do not have to pay attention to anything else, only to this rule: The more touristy the region on Corfu, the more expensive the prices. Haptspeisen can cost quite times 30.00 EUR. Reasonable tip is usually 5-10%. But watch out: Sometimes tip is already included. So always take a look at the bill.

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