Gas bottles for camping

When renting a motorhome, most campers will at some point have to deal with the issue of gas cylinders when camping, if they want to cook, heat, or run the refrigerator. Please have a look at our explanatory videos in advance. In this article you will learn everything you need to know for your vacation with camper and gas bottle.

Roadfans always have a standard 11 kg gas bottle on board, which should be enough for a one to two week trip. In the colder season or colder areas, you have to plan a little bit more gas if you have to heat up. Read more about this below under the point: How long does a gas bottle last?? according to.

Gas bottles for camping

Safe handling of gas cylinders while camping

In the motorhome it is obligatory that the gas bottle is placed in a gas box, in which it is tightly lashed. This gas box must be hermetically sealed, so that in case of a possible leak no gas can get into the interior of the vehicle. You are also allowed to carry a maximum of two 11 kg gas bottles in your motorhome. Here you should also pay attention to the drawbar load. You have to close the spare bottle while driving and put a red cap on it.

Regulations of the different countries when filling gas bottles

The same gas cylinders are used as in Germany. An exchange is possible, as well as the filling of the existing ones.

An exchange of the German propane gas bottles is possible at many campsites.

Exchange or filling is not possible. You can rent a French one and connect it to the gas system using the Euro connection kit, which you can rent from Roadfans.

Refilling is possible, but only in the larger cities. A Euro filling kit is obligatory. The connections of the Greek propane gas bottles are normally compatible with the German ones. But maybe you should still have the connection set with you.

Great Britain, Ireland, Scotland, Iceland
The exchange and the filling are not possible. But domestic gas containers can be purchased and connected to our system using the Roadfans gas adapter.

Filling is possible with the Euro filling set. You can also buy Italian ones and connect them with the adapter set. Best you ask at the campsite.

German tanks can be filled. Here you also need the Euro filling set.

At some campsites they can be exchanged. You may also get the Dutch version, in which case you will have to connect using the Eurogas adapter.

The same are used there as in Germany. An exchange is possible without problems.

Exchanging and filling are also possible there. The connections are the same as for the German propane gas bottles.

It is best to rent a gas bottle with adapter there. Filling is only done in exceptional cases.

Czech Republic
It is also possible in the Czech Republic to supply yourself with gas by filling up. The Euro filler kit may be helpful.

Hungary uses gray bottles, as in Germany also. A connection is possible and filling as well.

Norway, Sweden, Finland
Either you can have your bottle filled or you can borrow a propane bottle. The suitable adapters are also available for rent at Roadfans. The company AGA sells propane gas bottles in the Nordic countries.

Spain, Portugal
German gas bottles are not filled. It is possible to borrow a Spanish one. However, the connection is not quite so simple. A Spanish regulator is needed and connection material. In Portugal there are also many different connections of the different gas companies. Here a tank gas bottle or a gas tank is advantageous. LPG filling stations are available.

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How long does a gas bottle last when camping?

How long such a bottle lasts, of course, depends on the consumption. Very little gas is used for cooking and it can last for several weeks. If a lot of heating is needed, an 11kg gas bottle can be empty in 3 days. You can calculate that such a gas bottle lasts on average about 14 days with normal consumption and without heating use. So if you're traveling in the colder months, you should plan for significantly more gas than for the summer months. More about the gas bottle you can find here.

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