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The Keys to Option Mentoring: Accessing the Accepting Helper Inside

The Keys to Option Mentoring: Accessing the Accepting Helper Inside
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A "must have" CD series for those wanting insight into the guidelines, training process and intention of the Option Dialogue®. This series is an invaluable resource for anyone in the helping and/or counseling professions, as well as for anyone searching for a more effective, loving and accepting way to deal with themselves and those around them. What is shared here can be applied personally and/or professionally.
The gift of a question is the most fundamental resource and tool for sharing the Option Process. The mentor (or facilitator) provides an accepting and nonjudgmental environment in which those exploring are not only free to find their own answers, but encouraged and honored for their own expertise.
The components, qualities and role of the Option Process Mentor are presented in depth by Barry Neil Kaufman (Bears). He shares the uplifting notion of the mentor as "happy detective," then itemizes attributes which are simply stated and understood. The presentation then expands on these ideas through a revealing question-and-answer session on mentoring with an advanced mentor training group. It also addresses the depth of training and life transformation that any student of the Option Process experiences.
"The Keys To Option Mentoring has given me the ability to be more accepting than ever,and capable of asking the most helpful and useful questions. A lot of wisdom in a little box." -- John Worth, California
"His love, acceptance and nonjudgmental attitude shows from his whole being, making his teachings believable and quickly attainable." -- Bruce Buffum, Oklahoma
"I love Bears' clarity, warmth and humor. His Keys To Option Mentoring gave me the tools to use the dialogue process to change my own life as well as to effectively and lovingly assist those close to me." -- Patricia Gordan, Connecticut