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The Empowered Leader: Maximizing Your Performance Potential

The Empowered Leader: Maximizing Your Performance Potential
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Leaders are not just born! Leadership is a skill that can be developed, improved and expanded. The way we perform and the nature of our leadership skills affect every area of our lives. Leadership skills presented from an Option perspective are the very same skills that empower us in everyday experience.
This CD set is an essential resource (or gift) for educators, business people, administrators, helping professionals, therapists and group leaders or supervisors in any field. Additionally, it is the perfect companion for those wanting to maximize their performance power in relationships with others. In one of his most comprehensive addresses ever, Barry Neil Kaufman defines the skills of leadership as achievable attributes. His message moves far beyond a limited sphere and details methods that would maximize anyone's performance in any interpersonal or group experience.
"The essential qualities of effective leadership are so inspiringly presented by a truly masterful leader. Wow! Bears makes the learning so accessible, so easy and so much fun. The impact on my professional as well as personal life have been enormous." -- Joan Crager - Oklahoma
"The Empowered Leader has it all. It provides you with every tool you will ever need for being a leader in your professional and personal life. I now have a clear blueprint not only for how I can lead a group or class, but also for how I want to be in life. These CDs are so specific, so clear and so inspiring. I feel like I can take on the world...and be happy doing it." --Ron Myers, Rhode Island