Jurassic World Evolution 2 Guide – beginner tips, move dinosaurs

If you're just getting started with Jurassic World Evolution2, you'll need some tips to help you get started, especially if you have to manage dinosaurs, staff, and rangers that are important to your park. This Jurassic World Evolution 2 guide will show you some tips that can be very useful in the early stages of your game.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 Guide

Below we have listed some tips that should help you in Jurassic World Evolution 2.

Making Dinosaurs Happy

This is an obvious fact that many players should already be aware of, but if you take care of your dinosaurs and provide them with their needs, they will be happy and satisfied. Lucky enough they don't get frustrated and break out of your park, and worse, take it out on your visitors.

To make your dinos happy, you need to use your rangers to find out every detail about the type of dinosaur and which habitat better suits their needs to make them feel at home.

Manage medical situations with dinosaurs

Your dinosaurs will suffer from a number of medical problems that will prompt you to seek appropriate medical treatment. This ranges from the common cold to other diseases that will occur in the species. If your dinosaur is sick, send your medical team to the affected dino and find out the cause or type of illness that is troubling the dino.

While most illnesses can be cured through research, a cold is not a fatal disease and will go away on its own.

But illnesses aren't the only medical emergencies that will occur, as your dinosaurs will also suffer injuries. Here you have to take them to the hospital, wait for them to heal, and then return them to their respective habitats. Moving dinosaurs sounds easy, but it's a big challenge, especially if you have larger species that take more time to transport. This can be easily done by using the Mobile Vet Unit to transport an injured dinosaur to the medical facility.

Heal dinosaurs

Your dinosaurs will face many medical situations while managing your park, which means you need to have a medical facility for such emergencies. To do this, you need to go to the Operations menu and then select and build the Palaeo Medical Facility.

Once your facility is set up, you will need to go to Mobile Vet Unit 1, a specialized unit that will help you transport your dinosaurs to the medical facility for further examination and treatment. Here, the medical facility will diagnose and cure the disease.

The healing part is not the most difficult part of this gameplay feature, but the transportation of the dinosaurs, which will be a bigger and more challenging task.

Transporting dinosaurs

Transporting one dinosaur for a medical emergency is only one challenge, but transporting multiple animals from one habitat to another will be another mammoth task for you. And if you have played the previous game, you must be aware of how quickly this task became tiring.

To transport large and violent dinosaurs, you need two important items, the tranquilizers and the transport helicopters. This is best done after selecting a helicopter to transport a dinosaur, and then waiting for the dinosaur to fall asleep. In this way, you can use the tranquilizer and then choose where to move the dino.

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