Linz sights – 22 tips for a weekend

Linz has charm. Linz is modern. Linz is alternative. During my weekend in Austria, Linz to be exact, I got to know the charming city on the Danube and was thrilled by the tradition and modernity that Linz has to offer.

Besides its idyllic small-town flair (yes, Linz has that, too), the city is so innovative and down-to-earth that I couldn't have imagined it before.

I'll show you the best corners, sights, the tastiest restaurants and two tours that are guaranteed to delight you. Because Linz is different and above all beautiful!

Linz Sights – 22 Tips for a Weekend

1. The heart of the city – Linz's main square

Linz sights - 22 tips for a weekend

The hub, the heart of the city and, above all, a place where you immediately feel at home – that's Linz's main square. Besides cozy cafes and small stores you can just relax here and enjoy the hustle and bustle.

The Danube is just around the corner and the old town only a stone's throw away. The perfect place to start your weekend in Linz.

2. The Mariendom in Linz

Linz sights - 22 tips for a weekend

Linz has a cathedral and it is not so small at all. The foundation stone for the cathedral was laid in 1862. Since then, the cathedral is a landmark of the city and not at all as dusty as you might think.

On guided tours you can learn more about the cathedral and the associated history of Linz. For children, special tours are also offered, for example, the flashlight tour, where you walk through the cathedral at night armed only with flashlights.

3. Ars Electronica Center – Experience Media Art Firsthand

Linz sights - 22 tips for a weekendLinz sights - 22 tips for a weekend

During my weekend in Linz I was in 3 different museums of the city. The Ars Electronica surprised me the most. As the name suggests, this museum is different. A museum of the future and the media.

Here you are not only a visitor, but also a part of the exhibition. At various stations, visitors can learn a lot about artificial intelligence and new technologies that they wouldn't otherwise come into contact with.

Especially recommended is the Deep Space 8K, a 6×9 meter screen with floor projection surface on which various films, images or media art is projected. You will wear 3D glasses for part of the tour.

| Ars-Electronica-Strabe 1 | Linz

4. Weekend in Linz: Strolling through the old town of Linz

Linz sights - 22 tips for a weekend

Especially in the evening, just before sunset, it suddenly gets crowded in the old town of Linz. Here you meet for a glass of wine or a cozy dinner. But also during the day you can store wonderfully in the small boutiques and various delicatessens and let your soul dangle.

And let's be honest, who can't get enough of the great facades of the houses??

5. Enjoying the Danube

Linz sights - 22 tips for a weekend

The Danube is the lifeline of Linz. Especially from the city center or the old town, this can be reached quickly. On hot summer days, the people of Linz like to go swimming on the other side of the Danube in the Urfahr district or stretch their feet into the cool water.

During my weekend in Linz I also noticed how important this river is for the inhabitants. My tip: Just let yourself drift. On both sides of the harbor you can take a walk or maybe rent one of the new e-scooters and go for a ride.

6. High altitude rush and sensory rush in Linz

Linz Sights - 22 Tips for a Weekend

The Sinnenrausch is an exhibition at the Oo Kulturquartier. Here you can see art from a different perspective and become a part of it. On different floors and during an exploration you finally climb the height rush on the roofs of the Kulturquartier.

If you dare, you will be rewarded with a great view over Linz!

The perfect view over the city – lookout points

7. From the Ars Electronica Center

Linz sights - 22 tips for a weekend

At Ars Electronica, you can not only get to know media art, but also enjoy a great view of Linz, because at this vantage point, you're on the other side of the Danube, looking out over the city.

Unfortunately there is no open walkable area, but you should definitely combine the view with your visit. If you're not planning a visit to Ars Electronica, no problem, because you'll have this view from the Cubus restaurant, which is also accessible without a ticket.

| Ars-Electronica-Strasse 1 | Linz

8. From the Castle Museum to the Old Town

Linz sights - 22 tips for a weekend

The castle museum not only offers several interesting exhibitions on different topics, but also a beautiful view over the city. As with the Ars Electronica Center, you don't have to buy a ticket here, just be a guest at the Schlossbrasserie restaurant.

| Ars-Electronica-Strasse 1 | Linz

9. Hohenrausch / Upper Austria Tower

Linz sights - 22 tips for a weekendLinz sights - 22 tips for a weekend

As already mentioned, from the Oberosterreichturm you have a magnificent view over Linz. Since 2013, there is this observation tower on the roofs of the Upper Austrian Cultural Quarter. At the top you are then a total of 55 meters. The tower itself is only 30 meters high, but is located on an upper parking deck.

Admission together with the exhibition Sinnesrausch: 10€

10. Mural Harbor Tour – Discover Street Art in Linz

Linz sights - 22 tips for a weekendLinz Sights - 22 Tips for a Weekend

That Linz is very liberal towards modern art has already been shown. But also Street Art has arrived in Linz and in a very special way. Because the story of the Mural Harbor begins in 2012 and that with only one mural (large mural) on the harbor area.

Linz sights - 22 tips for a weekend

Since then, the project, which is unique in Europe, has been growing and flourishing. The Mural Harbor is the big graffiti and muralismo gallery in Europe. Already over 100 different works of art adorn the harbor area. Artists from a total of 30 different countries have come here to immortalize themselves.

On a guided tour of the harbor (unfortunately, you're not allowed to enter it yourself, as it's a company site), you'll explore the area and various works of art on foot or by boat.

Cost for a 2 hour tour (boat tour and your own graffiti): €25

Linz sights - 22 tips for a weekendLinz sights - 22 tips for a weekend

Eating in Linz – From food tours to restaurants to the coolest bars

11. Food Safari through Linz

Linz sights - 22 tips for a weekend

What would a weekend in Linz be without getting to know various local delicacies? At one I got to know Linz a little better from a culinary point of view. It started at the Sudbahnhofmarkt.

With short stops at different stands – because we made our own snack – we went on to the city center. More culinary surprises awaited us here.

I have already written an article about the Food Safari. You can find all addresses and many more tips here:

Linz sights - 22 tips for a weekend

Sweet treats – cakes and ice cream for in-between meals

12. k.u.k farm bakery

Linz sights - 22 tips for a weekendLinz sights - 22 tips for a weekend

A company that once supplied the imperial and other noble families. Among other things also with the delicious Linzer Torte. A cake with history, because it is the first recipe ever written down (in 1656).

A symphony of Mediterranean spices. Among other things, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon and candied lemon peel in the dough and of course a high proportion of hazelnuts. Finished with redcurrant jam and almonds.

13. Cafe Traxlmayr

Linz sights - 22 tips for a weekend

If you love coffeehouse culture, Cafe Traxlmayr is the place to be. A cozy interior invites you to feel good and stay a while. First-class pastries in all variations are served here.

Whether as a cake, pancakes or even cake. Especially great and very rare is the huge selection of newspapers. Here are over 50 newspapers from all corners, waiting to be read – of course in style with the wooden holder.

14. Eis Greissler

Linz sights - 22 tips for a weekend

An intuition led me to the institution. After walking back to my hotel in the evening half thirsty, I passed this cute store. And of course, I quickly treated myself to an ice cream.

Many Linzers probably had the same thought as me, because the store is always full. My choice fell on the flavors pumpkin seed oil and white chocolate. Delicious and also very refreshing after a long summer day.

15. Dod's Frozen Wonderland

Linz sights - 22 tips for a weekend

Wow! What a crazy place I wouldn't have known about if I hadn't had a delicious Linzer Torte beforehand in the k.u.k. Courtyard bakery eats. Corinne the owner took me without further ado into a quasi different world.

Dod's frozen yogurt is completely decorated in an Alice in Wonderland theme. The frozen yogurt is organic, the toppings are all regional and of the highest quality. I enjoyed a creation of poppy seed panna cotta with wild berry sauce and blueberries.

Comfort food in Linz

16. Cubus

Linz sights - 22 tips for a weekend

Eating with a view – you can do that at the Cubus restaurant, which is housed in the Ars Electronica. You don't need an entrance ticket for the visit. With a view of Linz you can enjoy a successful mix of native Austrian dishes, but also modern interpreted classics here.

Especially delicious were the homemade spinach dumplings with parmesan and brown butter. As a topping: deep-fried carrots. Different and so good!

| Ars-Electronica-Strasse 1 | Linz

17. Muto

Linz sights - 22 tips for a weekend

At Muto in Linz's old town, people are creative! So creative that the dishes have a bit of a futuristic, molecular feel to them. Owners Michael Steininger and Werner Traxler are a two-man show. Alone they run the restaurant and always have new ideas for dishes in mind.

Muto is mostly regional and also organic. The menu changes every month and often has an Asian twist. The food at Muto is honest and a little playful – but definitely not boring.

The local pickled salmon trout is served with a maize beet-navette espuma and with the rare daylily (it only blooms on a single day). The wild blood quail comes with a liver parfait as well as a hollandaise that is spiked with miso. Highlight is edible earth – toasted brown bread with various nuts.

The dessert is also quite something, as a strawberry sorbet is served with strawberries soaked in kombucha, dehydrated cream cheese, a marshmallow with sake marc and nasturtium jelly.

18. paul's

Linz sights - 22 tips for a weekend

It's usually best to eat with a great view. Situated directly in front of the cathedral, Paul's is a place with a certain "view". Paul's cuisine is innovative, creative and a bit crossover. In addition to delicious burgers and classic dishes, there are always culinary surprises on offer. For dessert there are ice-cream tapas.

19. Black Bear Lunch

Linz sights - 22 tips for a weekend

The Hotel Schwarzer Bar has not only been my place to stay for my days in Linz, but also has a very special good and cheap cuisine. At noon there is always a changing lunch menu. In the afternoon then various sandwiches – and they are creative! From classics from Brotzeit to fancy versions with avocado or shrimp. Here everyone finds a suitable sandwich.

When you're in a hurry – delicious food at your fingertips

20. Leberkas-Pepi

Linz sights - 22 tips for a weekend

If there's one institution in Linz that's popular with young and old alike, it's the Leberkas-Pepi next to Linz City Hall. This place serves a sensational 12 varieties of different types of meatloaf. Rumor has it that Pepi's creations taste best in the middle of the night after a night of revelry. By the way, it is practical that the Pepi is also open for night owls.

Market Hall One Two

Quickly grab an ice cream, a drink or an Italian specialty? You can do that in the Markthalle Eins Zwo in the old town of Linz. Here you can get typical snacks to go, fresh fruit and sweet delicacies. The open-plan area also invites you for an espresso or a beer. Surprisingly, Markthalle Eins Zwo is usually open until 22:00 in the evenings.

To relax – bars & cafes for a weekend in Linz

21. Sandcastle

Linz sights - 22 tips for a weekend

Linz has its own beach! Even though the Sandburg is separated from the Danube by a strip of greenery, there is a real summer feeling here. Put your feet in the sand, enjoy a cool drink and grab a tasty snack from the nostalgia food truck. In the evenings and on weekends there is a lot going on here. But beware: The Sandburg is only open in good weather.

| Untere Donaulande 5 | Linz

22. Miss Florentine

Linz sights - 22 tips for a weekend

Nestled on the Danube on the Linz Urfahr Promenade is this beautiful nostalgic ship. The complete contrast to the hip Sandburg directly across the street. Because here things are a bit more dignified and that also with pleasure sometimes with coffee and cake. But also main courses are offered here.

The interior of the ship Fraulein Florentine is old-fashioned and cozy, and that's certainly the way it's meant to be. By chance I was here at the swing evening. That's on different thursdays. Real experts and those who want to be, dance here partly to live music. Absolutely recommendable!

| Linz Urfahr Promenade (second landing after Nibelungenbrucke)

Staying overnight in Linz – Hotel Schwarzer Bar

Linz sights - 22 tips for a weekendLinz sights - 22 tips for a weekend

I stayed at the Hotel Schwarzer Bar during my weekend in Linz. A very young managed hotel, which is worth a visit for its lobby alone and a terrific breakfast. The hotel is very centrally located and within 10 minutes walking distance you can reach the main square of Linz.

The rooms are nice and above all very quiet and well insulated. Because in the Herrenstrabe it can also get a little louder on the weekend in Linz. The Skybar Rooftop 7 of the Black Bear offers delicious drinks. But pssst… the bar is a little (not so well kept) secret.

Extra tip: The Linz Card for one weekend

Perfect for a weekend and a little exploration of the city is the Linz Card. With the card you have free entrance to the museums in Linz. You can also use the public transportation for free. The Linz-Card is offered in different versions and includes with the 3-day card additionally a gastronomic as well as cultural voucher and a ticket for a trip to Postlinberg.

The 3-day card costs 30€ and offers free entry as well as discounts for tours, the zoo or even other attractions. More information about all services can be found here:

Here you can find more travel tips for destinations in Austria:

This post was created in collaboration with Visit Linz. As always, my opinion is not influenced by this. I only report about places and things that I can really recommend from the bottom of my heart. The city of Linz, the presented restaurants and sights are part of it.

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