Management-cup bayern – the business game for setting up a company

The Management-Cup Bayern is a business game that offers students the opportunity to simulate a business start-up and gain experience in the field of management. This business game is about founding a fictitious company and successfully establishing it on the market within three rounds.

Participants learn how to plan, finance and successfully market a company. In addition, the understanding of business contexts is strengthened and the ability to work together in a team is promoted.

The Management Cup Bavaria is an initiative of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy and is supported by the University of Applied Sciences Munich as well as numerous companies from the region. The management game takes place every year and is open to students of all disciplines.

Participants have the chance to win attractive prizes and also make valuable contacts. The Management Cup Bavaria is thus a unique opportunity to gain experience in the field of management and to prepare for a career in the corporate sector.

What is the Management Cup Bavaria?

The Management Cup Bavaria is a business game that enables participants to experience the founding and management of a company first-hand. This is an interactive simulation in which the players take on the role of business managers and have to make decisions that influence the fate of their company.

During the game, participants go through all the phases of setting up a company, from brainstorming to successful establishment on the market. The goal is to run one’s own business as profitably as possible and to prevail over the competition.

Not only the economic know-how of the participants is promoted, but also their ability to work in a team, to think strategically and to assess risks. The Management Cup Bavaria is therefore an exciting challenge for all those interested in the topic of founding and business management.

  • Simulation of the start-up process
  • Make decisions as a manager
  • Go through all the phases of setting up a company
  • Promotes business know-how and teamwork

How does the Management Cup Bavaria proceed?

The Management Cup Bavaria is a business game for setting up a company. Participants form teams and create a virtual company. The company must gain a foothold in an initially fictitious market and develop a realistic business plan.

As a first step, participants must develop ideas for a product or service. This task requires creativity and business acumen and is an important part of the group work. The teams must then develop a plan for turning their idea into a successful company.

During the competition, teams present their plans to a jury of professionals and business experts. The jury evaluates the plans and provides feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of the concepts. Participants have the opportunity to optimize their plans based on feedback to improve their chances of success.

At the end of the competition, the best company will be chosen by a jury. The winners can win prize money and recognition. The competition is an excellent opportunity to gain practical experience in business creation and project management.

Who can participate in Management Cup Bavaria?

The business start-up game, known as Management Cup Bavaria, is open to all students interested in entrepreneurship. The game is not limited to the field of business administration, but is also open to students of other fields of study.

An important prerequisite for participation in Management-Cup Bayern is a good ability to work in a team. Each participant must be prepared to work closely with his or her teammates and make decisions together. In addition, it is important that each participant is willing to spend at least 20 hours per week on the business game.

It is also important to note that the Management Cup Bavaria is only open to students at Bavarian universities. Participants must be able to prove their status as a student at a Bavarian university.

If you are interested in entrepreneurship and are willing to work in a team and invest time in the business game, you are cordially invited to participate in the Management Cup Bavaria.

Advantages of the Management Cup Bavaria

The Management Cup Bavaria offers students and graduates a unique opportunity to test their skills in a realistic business simulation game on how to set up a company. By participating in the Management Cup, participants can gain valuable experience and deepen their understanding of company structure and business processes. The knowledge gained through the business game can be applied in practice, making it invaluable for future careers in management.

Another advantage of the Management Cup Bavaria is that it offers an excellent opportunity to make contacts. The event brings together students and graduates from a variety of disciplines, all with a common interest in starting a business. Participants can thus make valuable contacts that could be useful in the future when starting their own business.

  • Participation in the Management Cup Bavaria is free of charge.
  • The event is organized by experts and thus offers a high-quality experience.
  • Participants can benefit from guest lectures by well-known entrepreneurs, providing valuable insights into the world of entrepreneurship.

Successful participation in the Management Cup also enables participants to improve their skills and broaden their career prospects. Successful completion of the simulation can be a valuable resume feature, demonstrating to employers that the applicant has a broad understanding of managing businesses.

Overall, Management Cup Bavaria offers numerous benefits for students and graduates who want to improve their knowledge and skills in the field of business start-up. Participants can make valuable contacts through the event, have a high-quality experience and deepen their understanding of entrepreneurship.

Management-cup bayern - the business game for setting up a company
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