Minivans and MPVs: Which van suits me best??

You are looking for a car with plenty of space? You want to accommodate the whole family in everyday life and on vacation? Or you have a business and need a vehicle with plenty of storage space for your work materials? Then the van is the right model! But which van is right for me? We explain everything you need to know about vans and minivans, and provide you with the best deals right along with them!

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Van by the sea

Your next new car should be a van? Vans are undoubtedly among the most practical family cars. The majority of models, also known as MPVs, offer enough space for child and children as well as extensive safety equipment and modern assistance systems. Variable seating concepts, a versatile interior, the option of sliding doors and a raised seating position make vans attractive even for regular transport tasks and more aged target groups.

Vans and alternatives

New registrations of minivans and MPVs in Germany have been declining in recent years. This is most easily explained by the high demand for SUVs. Not only has the popularity of modern SUVs, which also score points for their ability to keep a good overview of the road, increased, but so has the variety of models in the SUV segment. Many drivers attach importance to a sporty look for their vehicle. In addition, there are some utility vehicles that become a van alternative with a passenger car equipment. The decline in van purchases therefore has nothing to do with the quality of the vehicles. There are many models in this segment that are also technically convincing in terms of driving pleasure, offer a high level of comfort and accelerate smoothly.

If you're looking at your car purchase from a cost-benefit perspective, vans are still ideal family vehicles as spacious all-rounders. Especially due to declining sales and growing competition, you can currently find many good deals in the van segment. The Corona purchase bonus and other monetary benefits for the purchase of an e-car or hybrid make – with restrictions – the entry into electromobility attractive for van buyers as well.

SUV, station wagon or van?

Compared to an SUV, the operating costs – which for conventionally powered vehicles include fuel costs as well as taxes – are usually lower for a van. While in 7-seaters in the SUV segment, the third row of seats tends to function as a "makeshift seat" and passengers almost ride in the trunk, in the full-size van i. d. R. still room for shopping. Individual models even offer space for up to nine people, including the Citroen Spacetourer, the Opel Zafira Life and the Peugeot Traveller. And even when used for five passengers or when folding down the back seat, vans prove to be not only more comfortable, but also real cargo wonders, z. B. for relocations. Compared to the station wagon, the van convinces with the elevated position of the driver's seat, which facilitates the view of the road as well as into the interior of the car, as well as with the extended loading height and the additional seats. For traveling with two children, the majority of the compact or. mid-size station wagon models offer sufficient space inside and in the trunk. More space for additional family members and a more comfortable entrance are often offered by the vans.

Vans for three child seats

If you are looking for a car in which three child seats can easily fit side by side in the back seat, the segment of vans is almost without alternative. Because in many vehicles the child restraint on the middle seat is not allowed. Very few SUVs and station wagons even offer the option. Three child seats side by side can be mounted, for example, in the VW Touran and Ford Galaxy. The Opel Zafira Life can accommodate two child seats in each of the second and third rows of seats. However, the model is no longer a van, but has been converted by the people from Russelsheim into a minibus with a lounge character. The Renault Espace, VW Sharan and Seat Alhambra MPVs even have two additional Isofix mounts on the third seat. Espace and Sharan are available with sliding doors on request.

Minivan or large van?

Friends group before van

Minivans and compact vans are usually based on small car or. compact car models and measure up to around 4.50 meters in length. They are characterized by a particularly good use of space in the interior and are particularly suitable for families with up to three children who like to go on vacation by car and need space for a lot of luggage. However, their nickname "diaper bombers" does not fit all life. Even if you are looking for a not too expensive, compact and practical vehicle for regular transportation, a minivan is an attractive solution. For example, many craftsmen use minivans or compact vans for everyday work trips. A large trunk makes everyday life easier.

The most affordable minivan is the Dacia Lodgy. In the case of the van from the Romanian house, compromises have to be made in terms of safety equipment and comfort. But the starting price of 11.990 euros in the segment unbeaten.

Popular minivans and. Compact vans, which are also convincing all along the line as family cars in terms of safety, are u.a. the Ford S-Max, the Kia Venga, the Fiat 500L, the Renault Scenic and the VW Golf Sportsvan. They are all in the mid-price segment. Premium vans with particularly high build quality for the somewhat larger wallet are available, for example, in the form of the Mercedes-Benz B-Class (from around 29.000 €) and BMW 2 Series Active Tourer (from around 28.000 €).

Sufficient space for large families – especially on long journeys such as vacation trips – is promised by the MPVs. With a length of more than 4.50 meters, they are an intermediate stage between compact van and bus. The MPVs are almost all available as 7- or even 9-seaters – in several cases at extra cost. With the rear seat folded down, there is a huge load area, so that, for example, some small furniture can be transported easily. The large-capacity vans include. a. the Peugeot Traveller, where the name says it all. The Traveller offers plenty of space and comfort on long journeys. Another representative, the Toyota Proace Verso, is available in a variety of versions, u.a. with up to nine seats or even with a table. The Citroen C4 Spacetourer large-capacity van is based on the Citroen C4 Picasso. The Spacetourer offers modern technologies and driver assistance systems as well as space for up to seven people. All three models mentioned, as well as the Ford Galaxy, proved to be particularly safe in the NCAP crash test. They all achieved the 5-star top rating, scoring as with active and passive safety systems.

Environmentally friendly vans

Van on the move

E-mobility has also slowly found its way into the van segment. In addition to hybrid variants, the first electric cars are already available. However, the choice is still limited. If you choose an alternative drive, you should check your charging options at home or in your neighborhood in advance. Modern electric vans still fresh on the starting blocks include the Peugeot e-Traveller (up to 330 km range) and the Mercedes-Benz EQV, which offers up to eight seats and, according to the manufacturer, can travel up to 418 kilometers on one battery charge. The EQV has a hefty entry price of around 70.000 euros and does not fall under the models for which you can receive a Corona purchase premium. Subsidized with a premium of up to 9.000 euros, on the other hand, is the purchase of a Nissan e-NV200 Evalia (from 42.338 euros). The electric van is also popular as a commercial vehicle without additional windows and seats in urban traffic. As far as hybrid solutions in the van segment are concerned, the plug-in hybrid Toyota Prius+ sets the tone. Compared to many other conventionally powered van models, the Prius+ has small weaknesses when it comes to comfort for families. The extra technology makes you lose space. The model with the low consumption values is particularly popular with cab companies. It may be suitable for you if you often travel with several people on short trips and you want to venture into e-mobility. You can also currently save on your Prius purchase. You can get an allowance of up to 6.500 euros. If you're interested, feel free to read more about the 2020 Corona purchase incentive here.

Your van favorite as a new car cheap through receive

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