Gran Canaria culinary – craters, dunes & Rioja

Not so long ago I was convinced that Italy had the best food and the best wine. In the meantime I have come to the conclusion that Spanish cuisine can hold a candle to Italian cuisine. I am particularly fond of the tapas. I'm not alone in this passion, because Mr. Wallygusto is also a big fan of the little appetizers.

And so it happens that even in Gran Canaria we feed mainly on tapas. Although this may sound boring, we always have enough variety on the plates. On the one hand, because there is also a large selection for vegetarians, and on the other hand, each chef has his own recipes anyway. For example, the filling of the croquetas varies in each pub.


Lapland/Finland Highlights: 10 unforgettable experiences

Finnish Lapland, that's where people moan on a sunny August day at 23 degrees Celsius: "Phew, it's hot today!".

This is not normal, the temperatures here rarely crack the 20-degree mark even in high summer. And although it hasn't rained for almost a week, the landscape is wonderfully green. In general: around us a vastness that has become rare in Europe. Lakes and forests – and silence.


Berlin Edition

Insider Tips | Berlin Edition

You don't have anything planned for one of the long weekends and you want to experience something new?? Then we recommend a visit to the capital. You can't book hotels in Berlin at the moment, but there are plenty of Airbnbs available. So we recommend you leave the couch at home behind and explore the capital. These insider tips will guide you off the beaten path through Berlin and the surrounding area. Here is something for everyone, whether foodie or culture lover.


The Old Country: 30 relaxed excursion tips & sights in the Old Country

In the matter of "Heimatliebe Norddeutschland" I will of course not get tired to present you numerous travel and excursion tips in the North. Every now and then I take you, within the scope of this mission, also to "Altes Land bei Hamburg", along the river Elbe.

The Altes Land Hamburg region (to be precise, it is located just outside Hamburg in Lower Saxony) is one of the largest fruit-growing areas in Germany.


Volunteering Indonesia

The climate in Indonesia is tropical, with a consistent annual temperature of about 27° Celsius. However, depending on the altitude and the island, the temperature varies. For example, in the mountains of Lombok (z.B. Tetebatu) only warms up to 10° Celsius at night. It can often get a bit chilly during the monsoon (rainy season) as well. Indonesia consists of over 17,000 islands and is the largest island nation in the world. Most of the projects are located on the island of Java, home to more than half of Indonesia's population. In the project you have direct contact with the local population and can really immerse yourself in Indonesian culture.

How To

THE WYLD SHOW: visual fireworks

The WYLD Show

The pair of artists are hovering a few meters above the ground when it happens: She does a somersault, grabs his hand – slips and falls into the depths unbraked. Shocked shouts in the audience. Shocking. There the saving rope intervenes in the last second. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief. The artist was secured. It remains the only really visible flaw in THE WYLD, the spectacular, almost perfectly planned show at Berlin's Friedrichstadtpalast.


Gas bottles for camping

When renting a motorhome, most campers will at some point have to deal with the issue of gas cylinders when camping, if they want to cook, heat, or run the refrigerator. Please have a look at our explanatory videos in advance. In this article you will learn everything you need to know for your vacation with camper and gas bottle.

Roadfans always have a standard 11 kg gas bottle on board, which should be enough for a one to two week trip. In the colder season or colder areas, you have to plan a little bit more gas if you have to heat up. Read more about this below under the point: How long does a gas bottle last?? according to.


Che bella! – My 3 favorite places in Italy

Che bella! - My 3 favorite places in Italy

Italy. The country where not only culinary dreams come true. It's a place where you can experience ancient history up close and personal, and where you can let your mind wander. About the landscape, the mountains, the sea. Italy is a way of life and full of beautiful places. Too many, to be honest. And yet they do exist: the spots that arouse a great longing in me.