The most beautiful hikes in Switzerland

Hiking in Switzerland means one thing above all: the mountain calls! Hardly any other country offers such a dense and well-signposted network of hiking trails through the most diverse mountain landscapes. However, the variety does not fall by the wayside: some paths lead up to the heights on countless steps, some meander along the slopes in serpentines, others are literally a ridge walk and others lead deep into the high mountains and are only suitable for experienced mountaineers. What they all have in common is the unforgettable view and the well-deserved stopover. But on the most beautiful hikes in Switzerland, you can also walk along the water: around the famous lakes or to the source of the Rhine, for example.

Switzerland – most beautiful hikes: Valle Verzasca

The so-called Valley of Green Water in the Italian part of Switzerland is a whitewater landscape, but invites swimming and even scuba diving in many places along the course of the Verzasca River. From Sognono, the trail leads through small Ticino mountain villages, light larch and beech forests, across moorland meadows and along river ponds to Lavertezzo with its photogenic Ponte dei Salti Roman bridge. Log cabins and picnic benches also line the trail, so you can enjoy this easy day hike at your leisure.

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Checklist for the vacation & tips for packing suitcases

The travel season is the most beautiful time of the year. There we have one week vacation and already it goes with the airplane into the south or into the north. Short trips are in vogue, one week of vacation time is already a tall order. Many trips for a long weekend to the dream city: Copenhagen, Barcelona, London or Vienna are on the list. Airlines offer flight tickets at moderate prices. Usually only one suitcase is allowed on the plane, the sog. Hand luggage. You should know exactly what to take with you and how to pack a rolling suitcase to save space. A checklist for the vacation with hand luggage would be just right. No problem. You can find a packing list at the end of the article. You can also find helpful tips about space-saving suitcase packing here.

Contents: Checklist – Tips: Packing suitcases – Important for hand luggage


The most beautiful infinity pools

Cooling down? Absolutely, with the hot temperatures! These hotels and vacation villa providers put the icing on the vacation cake with beautiful infinity pools that seem to merge with the blue of the sky and sea. These are the most beautiful infinity pools with a view…

the most beautiful infinity pools in the world


The most beautiful lakes in France

Many vacationers associate France with the fashionable Cote d'Azur, the picturesque Provence, the wild Atlantic between Normandy and Biscay and, of course, the capital Paris. In this country rather unknown are the many beautiful lakes, which invite in all parts of the country to multifaceted vacation stays. Whether it's Lake Geneva in the Alps, Lac de Gerardmer in the Vosges Mountains or Lac de Settons in Burgundy, you'll find beautiful waters with excellent water quality everywhere. Of course, many of France's most beautiful lakes are ideal for swimming, but they are also a great starting point for hikes through tranquil landscapes or for excursions into the rich culture. Discover France in a variety of ways with this list of the country's 10 most beautiful lakes.

France's most beautiful lakes: Lake Geneva

Although its name does not suggest it, Lake Geneva is the largest body of water in France. It is divided into two-thirds Swiss and one-third French, which occupies the entire southern shore. Numerous enchanting towns and villages invite you to visit, such as.B. the small town of evian-les-Bains, famous for its mineral water. As a bathing holidaymaker, you can choose from a variety of well-maintained beach resorts, such u.a. in Excenevex. As a water sports enthusiast you can expect leisure activities such as z.B. Windsurfing, sailing, diving or canoeing. A special highlight for families are trips across Lake Geneva on historic paddle steamers.


Castell Son Claret: secluded tranquility. Pure luxury.

Mallorca, the grande dame of the Balearic Islands, has been a favorite destination for Germans for ages, with its dream beaches, luxury harbors, top events, and countless bars and clubs. Just around the corner from turbulent hotspots and only a stone's throw away from beautiful Andrax, we find exclusive seclusion between castle stone, style and elegance, the postcovid newly opened Castell Son Claret.

Mallorca Castell Son Claret


The most beautiful cities in the world

The most beautiful cities in the world

At least we have Paris! And other beautiful cities to escape to…

Cities are the roots of the history of many cities and this is what makes city trips so interesting. It feels like you're walking through the spirit of the place. In some cities you can discover so much that you will never get enough. Are you looking for a new adventure? Then take a city tour to one of the most beautiful cities in the world with your TripMates 😍

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Hiking through the winter: 8 tips for the cold season

A hiker stands in front of a snowy forest trail

Nature all around is covered in a protective blanket of snow and ice, and in the light of the sun it turns into a glorious glittering winter wonderland. A sight you must not miss – freezing cold or not! Instead of skiing on busy slopes, you can enjoy the cold season on hikes in the deep snow-covered forests or to snow-covered mountain peaks and frozen lakes.


Canada vacation on the Rideau Canal

You have already been on the road many times in Europe and have seen a lot? If you would like to discover a new region, then we can only recommend a houseboat vacation in Ontario, Canada. Combine a visit to the capital Ottawa with beautiful Kingston on the shores of the Great Lakes with a trip on the Rideau Canal.

Lakes at the Rideau Canal