RTI Provisions: Almost-return to the model of 2019/2020

The new FTI vision model applies from today, September 7, for all departures in the fiscal year 2022/23

After the transitional models during the Corona crisis, the FTI Group is largely returning to the model from 2019/2020 for the 2022/23 fiscal year. This stands for "planning security and liquidity guarantee" and has proven itself accordingly, says sales director Richard Reindl. The new model is valid from today 7. September for all departures in fiscal year 2022/23.

In fact, the response of travel agencies to the compensation model was good at the time. The reasons for the comeback: FTI is back in sales to pre-Corona levels. However, there is one important change: the scales are raised slightly.

Ten percent possible from the start

The cornerstones of the commission model: with the well-known start-up program, ten percent from the first booking is still possible. Without this program, entry occurs at eight percent.

In addition, there is still an increased basic commission on MP hotel bookings. For active management, the already positively tested additional turnover bonus with a maximum commission of 14.5 percent is being reintroduced. "Everyone benefits from this, even travel agencies below the minimum turnover," emphasizes Richard Reindl.

Relays are slightly raised

However, the model does not remain completely unchanged: as already mentioned, FTI raises the scales. While Schauinsland-Reisen points to increased sales, at FTI the increased travel prices form the basis for the increased level.

In concrete terms, this means that the entry hurdle of ten percent without a start-up program is 150.000 euros – up to now it was 125.000. Eleven percent is available from 350.000 euros (previously 300.000). Twelve percent will be from 600.000 Euro paid (so far 450.000 euros).

Trend toward higher-quality vacations continues

Reindl justifies the increase with the fact that in addition to the often already higher travel prices, the trend continues to go in the direction of higher-quality and longer trips. This let itself the customers on the average over 20 per cent more cost, reports Reindl. As a result, he says, it is possible for travel agencies "to earn higher commissions with significantly fewer bookings".

The positive: Contrary to the usual market conditions, the increased basic commissions of eleven and twelve percent are already paid out during the year with each booking – "and 100 percent malus-free," assures Reindl.

Attractive additional sales bonus

The higher scales are mitigated by an attractive bonus on additional sales and are paid independently of the basic commission. Thus at the end of the year also a travel agency profits, which increases its conversion of 40.000 to 60.000 Euro increases. For the additional turnover of 20.000 euros, it receives three percent extra.

What's new is that bookings at Drive FTI and Cars & Campers are also counted in the additional revenue. Paid out at the end of the fiscal year in addition to the base and scale commission.

Increased commission for FTI hotels and building blocks

In addition, the targeted marketing of the 60 or so FTI-owned hotels, bookings via FTI 360 and via the building block program is worthwhile for sales partners. For these sales, travel agencies that operate on more than 150.000 euros in total sales or participate in the start-up program, a commission increased by one percent.

Apart from that, there is a ten percent remuneration for these products – independent of the basic commission.

All brands flow into relay

It remains unchanged that also in the new business year the conversions of all marks flow into the computation of the basic commission. In addition to FTI Touristik, the group includes Windrose Finest Travel, 5vorFlug, Big Xtra, FTI Ticketshop, Dive FTI, Cars & Camper and group tours.

Regardless of the current level, bookings with Drive FTI are rewarded with 15 percent, on products from Cars & Camper there is twelve percent commission. Windrose's luxury products are subject to a fixed commission of ten percent.

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