Stopover destinations: Dream combinations with Australia

Those who travel to Australia know in advance that they have to be prepared for long flight times. If you plan a direct flight, you can easily add up to 22 hours or more. Not infrequently one spends two nights in the airplane. Therefore, it is a good idea to break up the travel time in a pleasant way and insert a stopover in one of the numerous interesting countries along the way. But even on the return trip, many tourists decide to spend a longer time in another country in order to fully enjoy their well-deserved vacation.

Stopovers & onward travel

Vietnam - Ninh Binh

Southeast Asian metropolises have become classic stopover destinations on the way to Australia. Bangkok (Thailand), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Hanoi (Vietnam) and Singapore are approached several times a day from both directions and are so easy to travel to thanks to their infrastructure that you will get an excellent insight into the country and its people after just a few days. Those who can imagine staying longer in Southeast Asia – whether on the way there or back – will also want to consider Indonesia and Cambodia. All countries are united by their breathtaking flora and fauna, gorgeous beaches and fascinating culture, which makes a wonderful contrast to Australia.

Hong Kong - Skyline

Another classic stopover is Dubai. The gigantic desert city is perfect for a short city trip A la 1001 nights and gets you in the right mood for the Australian temperatures. The journey to Down Under via Hong Kong and Shanghai (China) is becoming more and more popular. Far-eastern exoticism mixes here with rapid striving for the future in pulsating cities. India and South Korea are also bustling with activity. Although both countries are not considered as classic stopovers and are therefore less frequently offered as such by the airlines, one should not be deterred by this. Both India and South Korea are top destinations and a great opportunity to add another exciting country to your big trip.

New Zealand - Milford Sound

A trip to the Cook Islands or the Fiji Islands (both in the South Pacific) promises first-class bathing and beach fun. The uniquely beautiful islands let relaxed South Seas dreams come true, before it goes back home.

The dream combination par excellence of every trip to Australia is certainly the continuation in New Zealand: Two breathtaking islands (North and South Island) full of contrasts, densely packed with scenic highlights, a unique flora and fauna and all kinds of outdoor opportunities. Who can say no to New Zealand?

Important decision-making aids

Thailand - Ayuthaya Temple

Each country and each city is certainly unique and has individual advantages. Whether you want to delve deeper into the Buddhist or Hindu world of faith, whether you want to focus on the culture of the country or prefer picturesque seaside paradises, whether you want to explore the Indian or Chinese cuisine as a gourmet – this decision can only be made by everyone for themselves. Even if the decision making seems to be very difficult at first sight, certain criteria can simplify the choice a little bit.


Concerning the costs, there are clear differences between the two countries. Thus, the common stopover routes (see above) are much cheaper than the combination with countries for which two different flights of two different airlines have to be booked. Those who place less importance on a specific location as a stopover have significantly more leeway with regard to the airfare and can find great bargains with a little luck and advance planning.

Visa requirements

Dubai - Palm Island

It is also interesting to pay attention to the visa regulations. In most countries, tourists need a visa for a stay of up to 30 or more days. 90 days no special visa (z. B. Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong). The situation is different in Dubai or Shanghai for example. While in the emirate one acquires a visa upon entry, for a stay in Shanghai an entry permit must be applied for in advance at the responsible Chinese foreign mission. In order not to experience any surprises, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the regulations in advance.

Outward or return journey

Thailand - Ko Lipe

Last, but not least: The time for a stopover is not insignificant. If you are on your way to Australia, you are unlikely to interrupt your journey for any length of time – the desire to finally reach your destination is too great. For the outward journey, city trips such as Dubai, Bangkok or Singapore are more suitable. On the way back, however, you might want to do just that: not arrive back home too quickly, let the trip come to an end and slowly look forward to the daily routine. Bathing paradises like Fiji or Indonesia and exciting countries like India or New Zealand can therefore be integrated super in the way back.


Whichever country you choose, the journey to the other end of the world is a long one. The opportunity to look left and right on the way here will never be better! For more info on relevant airlines with their possible stopover destinations as well as entry requirements, check out the following post:

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