The 10 most beautiful lakes in Sweden

The unique nature of Sweden was strongly influenced by the ice age, when mountains and hills were formed. Therefore it is still with over 96.000 lakes a very water rich country, which makes it so interesting for vacationers and especially families. The most beautiful lakes in Sweden impress with their clarity and idyllic location surrounded by dense virgin forests populated by moose and red deer. Anglers are happy about the rich fish stock. Most lakes in Sweden also have swimming spots on the shore or on deserted islands, where you can easily moor your canoe. Historical settlements and castles tell exciting stories about the individual regions.

Sweden – most beautiful lakes: Vanern

With an area of over 5.600km² the Vanern is the largest lake in Sweden. Its 2.000km long shoreline offers space for numerous discoveries. Popular activities include the typical archipelago cruises past countless islands, which sometimes present themselves as barren rocks and then again are overgrown with dense deciduous forest, and of course fishing. The fish-rich lake is home to trout, pike and pikeperch. The two canals that flow into the Vanern invite to extensive paddling tours. Typical Swedish cottages with their own jetty can be found along the shore everywhere. Little princes and princesses enjoy a trip to the fairy-tale castle of Lacko, which was built in the 13th century.The lake was built in the 18th century and later remodeled in baroque style. Today it serves as a perfect backdrop for opera performances and exhibitions.

Lake Vanern

At Vanern – the largest lake in Sweden


Sommen is a lake in southern Sweden and attracts with an idyllic rural location. On its rugged shore you will find many bays where you can swim undisturbed with your children. You can enjoy a great view during an excursion by steamboat. Also recommended is a visit to Tranås on the western shore of the lake. Here a museum informs about the history of the former ''fur town.


After Vanern, Vattern is the second largest lake in Sweden. Both are connected by the Gota Canal. On a kayak tour with the whole family you will discover dense forests, wide fields and picturesque places along the shore. This area is also ideal for hiking and biking. There is no shortage of secluded swimming and picnic spots around the lake. A historical sight nearby is the castle ruin Visingborg on the island Visingso.

Lake Vattern

Vattern near Karlsborg


In the southwest of the water-rich region of Småland is the Bolmen lake. On its shore many hiking and biking trails lead you through the dense forests. The largest island is Balmso, on its sandy beaches you can spend a relaxing day swimming. About 350 people live on the island. The fish-rich waters are also a paradise for anglers.


The third largest lake in Sweden is located in the middle of romantic primeval forests. With a little luck, you and your children can even observe moose in their natural habitat on the shore of the lake. Another highlight at the Malaren is the Viking settlement Birka on the island Bjorko. It has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993. Not far away are the castles Gripsholm and Drottningholm. For a break from nature, take a trip to nearby Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.

Lake Malaren

Resting place on the island Bjorko in the Malaren

Lake Rusken

With a maximum water depth of 21m, Lake Rusken in the province of Småland is home to numerous species of fish, anglers are attracted to the clear waters especially because of the rich walleye population. Its shores are characterized by dense primeval forests and are home to moose and ospreys.


A part of the asnen lake is specially protected as the youngest national park in Sweden. Its about 1.000 islands and numerous marshlands on the shore are home to ospreys, among others. The best way to glide between the islands is in a kayak. Some of them look like primeval forest, others are overgrown with deciduous forests. A 140km long cycle path leads partly on an old railroad embankment once around the lake. A great view over the islands of the lake promises the nature reserve Lunnabacken.

Lake Asnen

You can cycle around the lake

Lake Siljan

Lake Siljan is the sixth largest lake in Sweden and is connected to Lake Orsa in the north by a channel. Typical are the long church boats, with which competitions are held in the summer, attracting a large audience. Unlike the waters mentioned so far, there are hardly any islands in Lake Sijan and its water is too cold for swimming most of the year. For this you find for example in Siljansnas a rental of kayaks and motorboats.


The 477km² large lake Hjalmaren in central Sweden is embedded in a pristine landscape with a rich flora and fauna. Moose, otters and deer are at home in this natural paradise. The largest of the approx 1.300 islands is Vinon, where you can hike, swim and also eat well. On a peninsula lies orebro Castle in the town of the same name. Even older rune stones and tumuli tell families on discovery tours about the long settlement history of the region.

Lake Hjalmaren

Nature Paradise: Hjalmaren in Central Sweden


The 24km² large lake Fegen is a bird sanctuary and nature reserve in the province of Halland, where more than 90 bird species live. It is a paradise for canoeing, swimming and cycling and mostly surrounded by deep spruce forests with marshy ground. For their own personal adventure in the wilderness, families can rent campsites on the shore or on the numerous islands in the lake.

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